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■Fashion [accessories]

We hold spring fair << 2/22-3/15 >>


In national THE KISS shop (※), we will hold advantageous fair during period of from Saturday, February 22, 2020 to Sunday, March 15, 2020.
We will carry out service of up to 10,000 yen OFF to customer of the purchase in two points of target ladies' items at cash register.
Let alone gift, we develop a lot of items which are good to matching jewelry with friend and family, reward to oneself.

■Fashion men's, ladies' & clothing accessories]

FUZZI - fujji) autumn of 2020 winter collection order meeting


Held by order fair only in Japan of Collection in winter brand reproducing past masterpieces of Jean-Paul GAULTIER at reasonable price, the autumn of 2020 of FUZZI (fujji).
We contracted with factory FUZZI company which swept over the world in soft Jyr of full-scale tattoo print of GAULTIER for the first time in Japan.
You see picture type and model wearing image from Italy, and one point can order your size, KOLOR. We can order size to all models, S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL. KOLOR to up to eight colors.
If there is product which we produced for visitor at minor KOLOR & minor size, as a result, possibility that it is to one product in the world is very high.

At this extremely valuable opportunity, please come to the store to Gallery. We wait for all the staff.

■Fashion men's, ladies' & clothing accessories]

ramunepiekayutaite autumn of 2020 winter collection order meeting


We hold display order meeting of Collection in winter in the Lithuanian ladies' top brand, the autumn of 2020 of RAMUNE PIEKAUTAITE (ramunepiekayutaite).
Design is full of retro future, techno, new wave such as clothes of SF film.
Intensity of GAP that craftsman of bespoke tailor makes full use of handstitch using couture material of the highest grade and finishes. Price is the same level as domestic brand.
You see picture type for professional buyer and about 80 points of goods exhibition samples, and one point can actually order your size, KOLOR.
As a result, that may become the first place depending on KOLOR and size in the world.

At this extremely rare opportunity, please come to the store to Gallery abroad. We look forward to all the staff.

■Fashion [bag]

ACE members members only campaign♪


It is information that is more advantageous to all of you than ace!
We will offer wonderful privilege with ACE member's card members only from Friday, February 21
Of course! Person who does not have you enroll in members program offers the same privilege by the enrollment (free) of the day!
It is exclusively for ten days to Sun. on 3/1 day! !
When purchase in ace NAMBA CITY shop during period, do have a good day; ...♪
We look forward to your visit

■Lifestyle [bedclothing]

Air We've Inc. - new life support fair now being held

Airweave The Quality Sleep Store

In air We've Inc., it is open in "new life support fair" until May 6.
We leave, and free of charge, mattress pad, FUTON series are delivery for free target bed mattress, frame delivery, setting, too. How is the purchase by all means at this opportunity?
For more details, please contact the store staff. We look forward to visit

■Lifestyle [musical instrument]

YAMANO MUSIC on the rocks in musical instrument financial statements Sale is held!


We hold semiannual <<musical instrument financial statements Sale until from Saturday, February 15 to Sunday, March 22♪
As the musical instrument body, accessories such as piano or guitar become very affordable, please use this opportunity during period.
To customer touching musical instrument for the first time, the staff helps with selection of musical instrument♪

In addition, holding particularly simultaneous shopping lawn as for interest rate campaign.
We look forward to your visit.

■Lifestyle [Daily Living Goods]

Easter lease course


Lovely mature Easter lease of foot burausagiga point which entered two colors of pansies and baskets.
Gorgeous design is recommended to entrance ceremony and bridal.
Please participate casually!

[on the date] 3/14 - soil ※Each time eight people
[entrance fee] 1,650 yen ※We include lecturer charges, equipment charges. We rent tools.
[the time required] Around 45 minutes
[venue] Open space in NAMBA CITY Main Building the second floor of the basement ※Come within ten minutes before start.

We make a reservation of course and heard inquiry over telephone.
Please make a reservation after checking name/contact information/number of participants if you would like to participate.

※When you wish to participate with child, please order beforehand
※It should be finished as soon as it becomes capacity
※Image is image
※Color and design of publication product may be different from the real thing

■Lifestyle [CD, DVD]

Sum nko temple POP UP SHOP of kokushibain is open


In the main building B2F SHINSEIDO shop, sum nko temple POP UP SHOP of kokushibain is open!
We had a lot of pretty miscellaneous goods and clothing of Japanese midget Shiba character.
We are waiting for your visit!

■Fashion [underwear, miscellaneous goods]

Wacoal BRA Recycle

Room of AMPHI

We are distributing Bra recycling back now!
Bra recycling of Wacoal which began with voice of woman to "be hard to throw away Bra."
We have feeling and consideration to environment that by recycling Bra in eco-friendly energy fuel, "is hard to abandon" approve of many women as activity that can be compatible.
If find Bra which became old, Bra which did not fit, is not at a loss; to shop of Wacoal.
Payback is 2019/12/1-2020/3/31


Store 10:00 - 21:00 Gourmet 10:00 - 22:00 ※Some stores open early in the morning and close late at night.
※Click here to see business days for restaurants at Namba Komejirushi.

Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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