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■Fashion [men's, ladies']

Cool & Shorts

Levi's Store

Let's survive with Cool jeans in hot summer in Japan.
Cool jeans comprise superior breathability, quick-drying, chilling effect. Shorts had many variations this year, too. Please try at store.

■Lifestyle [bedclothing]

Under positive pillow campaign conduct!

Airweave The Quality Sleep Store

We discuss the rights and wrongs of air We've Inc. which you can be absent from comfortably without breathability being outstanding, and one point of pillow being what stuffy to special price when you purchase air We've Inc. pillow in plus to target mattress, mattress pad at this advantageous opportunity
For more details, please contact the store staff.

■Lifestyle [Daily Living Goods]

botanikarurisu course


botanikarurisu to make with branch of nature material and green art flower. With full of the mood summer in shell and starfishs as for the decoration. Please participate casually

[on the date] 6/16 Sat. ① 11:00 - / ② 13:00 - / ③ 15:00 ... ※12 people the first in each time

[entrance fee] 1,620 yen ※We include lecturer charges, equipment charges. We rent tools.

[the time required] Approximately 40 - around 45 minutes

[venue] Open space of NAMBA CITY Main Building B2F light ※Come within ten minutes before start.     

We heard reservation, inquiry of course over telephone. Please make an appointment with those who wish to participate after checking the name / contact information / participation number of people.

※In the case of participation hope, please order with child beforehand
※It should be finished as soon as it becomes capacity
※Image is image
※Color and design of publication product may be different from the real thing

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

Vivienne Westwood thing jewelry reservation receptionist in the fall and winter


We accept jewelry reservation for winter in the Vivienne Westwood autumn of 2018.
You see arrival planned picture type and image in winter in the autumn of 2018 and make reservation. As reservation of plural points is possible, request, please order the store staff casually.
Prior receipt of money unnecessary. It stops producing, and there is case of case that products are not received and price change. Please note that you cannot take responsibility of the case. Handing over is plan of from September to November for approximately 2,018 years.
※Most are the arrival by one point, but reservation product sold out accepts waiting for a cancellation or visitor note.

■Gourmet [shabu-shabu, udon]

Fair menu comes up in norayanamba CITY south building shop early summer!


In norayanamba CITY south building shop, fair is holding in "early summer" for a limited time

We offered recommended extra-large prawns tempura and colander udon of Matcha in this season when sunlight became dazzling. Besides, there are Mentaiko udon set of sakura shrimp or tomato reckoning udon set, too.
Please appreciate dessert using Matcha

Besides, we have seasonally limited menu.
Come by all means at this opportunity

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

VivienneWestwood - FOLLOW THE STARS reservation acceptance start


It is sold out and always makes reservation of this season most popular Collection "FOLLOW THE STARS" which it is hard to obtain watch immediately. Watch which shines shiningly which drew constellation of night sky to dial, and likened Swarovski glass to star. It is GENDERless unisex model that hour hand which modelled Aube after authentic personality ticks away time.
Camel: 43,200 yen black: 41,040 yen movement: Domestic quartz MADE IN JAPAN
※It is expected that it has difficulty with acquisition nationwide because missing part is in a state. We recommend the purchase by reservation.

■Cosmetics beauty [relaxation]

Fair skin care not to lose sunlight♪

Natural Garden

Fair skin care not to lose sunlight ♪ [5.6 moon facial campaign]
■Whitening pack course
In this season when ultraviolet ray becomes strong, we prevent stain freckles caused by sunburn in white clay pack of "α-Al butyne" combination.
We give skin moisture and lead to translucent white skin.
For a limited time>>60 minutes 5,650 yen (tax-included 6,102 yen) - 2018.6 30 days a month

Reservation, inquiry - TEL 06-6644-2517

■Cosmetics beauty [relaxation]

A deluxe time when it is wrapped to be fragrant of Rose

Natural Garden

A deluxe time when it is wrapped to be fragrant of Rose - 5.6 moon body campaign
■Rose oil massage
[one cup of Foot bath + enzyme drink Rose] Service is with of this
To happy relaxation thyme loose with elegant flavor of Rose♪
Furthermore, please enjoy special plan met in Rose who had one cup of enzyme drink of Rose.
For a limited time>>70 minutes 6,300 yen (tax-included 6,804 yen) - 2018.6 30 days a month

Reservation, inquiry - TEL 06-6644-2517

■Fashion [underwear, miscellaneous goods]

Urgent notice!

Room of AMPHI

Legendary collaboration sold out, the Fujiko Mine X AMPHI collaboration second are received in an instant from May 11! Design utilized image of Fujiko Mine that is beautiful and intelligent with wisdom to toss about Lupin ♪ ♪ Valley Bra to see underarm clearly this time is released! Is different from the first again; is finished. Look at Fujiko Mine X AMPHI collaboration by all means at store

■Gourmet [doughnut]

We are ahead of summer with sweet, refreshing fruit doughnut!

Krispy Kreme DOUGHNUTS

Fruit doughnut that sweet, refreshing flavor to call in early summer at the moment when it is colorful and opened Jushi, box of doughnut opens is appearance
April 18, 2018 - June 5 (plan)


Store 10:00 - 21:00 Gourmet 10:00 - 22:00 ※Some stores open early in the morning and close late at night.
※Click here to see business days for restaurants at Namba Komejirushi.

Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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