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■Cosmetics beauty [body care cosmetics, home spa cosmetics]

Herb present to bring up with petit bag

Sabai - arom

During 10 times point period of from Friday, May 26 to Sunday, May 28, we present very rare pretty petit herb to visitor of purchase more than tax-included 5,000 yen♪
We become the first ten people!
get, please do this chance without passing over

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

Just in case - just in case) handling start


Belgian brand - Just in case (just in case)
Founding is 1876. Industry oldest level. Classic work is completed naturally if we just reproduce archiving in mid century of the company. Everyday wear which there is dignity only in Belgium matches with air of the times.
Trendy 50s fashion of 2017 is right monopoly of head family just in case.
It is extremely historical brand in the van.

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

Anniversary-limited 501DAY Collection release

Levi's Store

Is this year after blue jeans are born in the world; 144 years.
To celebrate 501DAY of May 20, it releases anniversary-limited 501DAY Collection. Design which let inspiration from music sink into Collection of this year to every corner. It becomes limited to a few.
We present 501DAY original pin batch toward the purchase with limited collection and 501 product
It should be finished as soon as we disappear. We wait for visit at this opportunity.

■Gourmet [shabu-shabu, udon]

norayanamba CITY south building shop early summer menu appearance!


In norayanamba CITY south building shop, fair is holding in early summer♪
In coming season, we offer udon which can eat Donya, meat to chase that there are many vegetables hard!
Please enjoy soybean flour and black mitsuo chilly dessert which you used!
We have menu wanting you to have at this time.
Come by all means at this opportunity!

■Fashion [clothing accessories]

☆Holiday campaign☆

Cath Kidston

Visitor of purchase can participate in lottery that domestic pair trip of 3 days and 2 nights and wonderful product hit more than 10,000 yen in Cath Kidson now
As we have item which is good to trip at store, we do shopping in Cath Kidson, and let's go out on wonderful trip

■Fashion Sports Goods

Surfboard spot sale society


Everybody hello. Climate became warm, too, and water temperature rose considerably, too.
In RIDERSFACT NAMBA CITY shop, we hold "surfboard spot sale party" of NEW model.
One where we want to trade in surfboard for for person who wants to begin surfing from this year, coming season, please use this advantageous event.
Only for three days of fair now being held, it is present with "Fin you like" for visitor of the purchase with surfboards more than 100,000 yen!
Special plan for a limited time! We hold guarantee to take a trade-in on of surfboard.
When surfboard of target product buys a new within one year from purchase, we take a trade-in on for "up to 50,000 yen".

■Gourmet [sashimi, sushi]

We hold seasonal choice Festival!

Tenka-no Daidokoro DAIKI SUISAN

We start seasonal choice Festival on May 9 in Tenka-no Daidokoro DAIKI SUISAN!
At price from May 9 to 19th with draft beer from 20th to 31st with highball for a limited time
We provide.
Please enjoy dish using seasonal ingredients and liquor now in our restaurant.

■Fashion [shoes]

The Fit+ new series arrival!


Very popular! "Fit+"
Variations of the height of the heel increased newly!
Please try!

■Fashion [shoes]

We get "the visit point" in JELLY BEANS formula LINE!


"The visit points" collect just to have you come to shop!
We get advantageous coupon when we save five points!
Ask the staff about the details!

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

Silver Jeans - Silver JEANS) handling start


Brand which well-established denim maker Western Glove Works company which we established in Canada in 1921 deals with.
After having dealt with production of denim of many famous brands from the late 1970s, we start denim brand "Silver Jeans" in 1991.
Pronominal brand of celebrity-like jeans which are handled in world-famous select store.
Men's & lady Namie Sumi rear monopoly. Approximately 100 points of the arrival are all one point of domestic quality of exhibition sample this time.


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
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