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■Gourmet [meal product sales, miscellaneous goods]

Among one week-limited "NIJU-MARU KYOTO" branches!


"NIJU-MARU KYOTO" (nijumarukyoto) where is recommended waffle cake which performed sand of nine kinds of cream
We offer swiss roll and cream puff.
Please drop in by all means.
Branch period Thursday, March 15 - 21st Wed.
※We close a shop at 20:00 on the last day

■Lifestyle [Daily Living Goods]

Course made with spring lease & bouquet


Spring lease and bouquet different in gangs who wind up paper ribbon, and make are recommendation in present of Mother's Day♪
Please participate casually.

[on the date] 4/7 - soil
 ①11:00 - (2) 13:00 ~③ 15:00 ...
 ※Each ten times - 30 people in total

[entrance fee] 1,620 yen ※We include lecturer charges, equipment charges. We rent tools.
[the time required] Approximately 40 - around 45 minutes
[venue] Open space in NAMBA CITY Main Building B2F ※Come within ten minutes before start.
 We heard reservation, inquiry of course over telephone.
 Please make an appointment with those who wish to participate after checking the name / contact information / participation number of people.

※In the case of participation hope, please order with child beforehand
※It should be finished as soon as it becomes capacity
※Image is image
※Color and design of publication product may be different from the real thing

■Service [service]

Workshop event to make with parent and child


Saturday, March 24 25th Sun. 12:00 - 16:00 workshop event holding
You can participate when you have you answer questionnaire in shop.
Entrance fee for free. Please drop in.
Aff rack information NAMBA CITY shop to understand well, and not to become senile
The first floor of 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi NAMBA CITY south building basement

■Fashion [ladies']

We start on novelty fair 16th

Who's Who Chico

We present novelty by purchase more than 6,000 yen from 3/16. As you are in a limited quantity, come early.

■Cosmetics beauty [relaxation]

We aim at firm elasticity skin lively♪

Natural Garden

[3.4 moon facial campaign]
■Collagen pack course
Gelatinous pack which combined three kinds of collagen penetrates to every corner of stratum corneum, and it works on wrinkle and slack. We give damage skin by spring temperature and environmental change moisture

For a limited time>>60 minutes 5,670 yen (tax-included 6,123 yen) - four a year 2018. 30 days a month

Reservation, inquiry - TEL 06-6644-2517

■Cosmetics beauty [relaxation]

We refresh feeling with refreshing flavor!

Natural Garden

[3.4 moon body campaign]
■Bergamot & mint oil massage
[one cup of Foot bath + enzyme drink lemon] Service is with of this
It is recommended at this time when we do not spend spring with flavor of fruity bergamot and refreshing peppermint comfortably clearly, or trouble is easy to appear to both heart and body.

For a limited time>>70 minutes 6,250 yen (tax-included 6,750 yen) - April 30, 2018

Reservation, inquiry - TEL 06-6644-2517

■Cosmetics beauty [relaxation]

News ... of ... renewal OPEN

Natural Garden

Thank you for usually using our salon more. On Monday, March 12, 2018, "Natural Garden NAMBA CITY shop" is reopened afresh
We add to relaxation space of complete private room and have health food such as vinegar or enzyme and, by contents which we powered up more, help "beauty and health".
Come to new [Natural Garden NAMBA CITY shop] by all means

Reservation, inquiry - TEL 06-6644-2517

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

Until the RED SOUL period limited sale end of July


"Essence = Ann = Province" associated with brand name is center of Province of European outstanding resort France.
Painter Paul Cezanne described birth, "Santo = Victoire mountain" in this ground.
He drew masterpiece "red rock" in stonepit of bibemyusu.
Similarly red soul that had KOLOR "red" which symbolized this ground on brand name was established in 2000.
Elements such as military, surf, preppy are recognized as brand which sublimated to resort-style with a feeling of vintage in Europe.
Please come to the store in Gallery at this opportunity. We wait for all the staff.

■Gourmet [shabu-shabu, udon]

norayanamba CITY south building shop spring menu appearance!


In norayanamba CITY south building shop, "spring Aya" fair is now being held♪
We offer spring Aya set which udon, rice can choose than two kinds in recommended plenty of vegetables Ankake-udon, turnout udon stew each in this season becoming slightly warm!
Please have dessert using strawberry!

Besides, we have seasonally limited menu.
Come by all means at this opportunity!

■Fashion [men's, ladies']


Adam et Rope’

3.12 MON. -3.25 SUN.
We hold POP-UP SHOP of "NE QUITTEZ PAS" (nukitepa) during the period mentioned above.
We had wear and miscellaneous goods which there was the oriental mood that Adam et Rope’ featured the theme of this season.
Please come to the store at this opportunity.


Store 10:00 - 21:00 Gourmet 10:00 - 22:00 ※Some stores open early in the morning and close late at night.
※Click here to see business days for restaurants at Namba Komejirushi.

Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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