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■Lifestyle [Daily Living Goods]

Basket bouquet course


We put gorgeous bouquet in the springlike basket.
In room which only puts to favorite place, and seems to be spring ♪ Please participate casually.

[on the date]
2/16 - soil) ① 11:00 ② 13:00 ③ 15:00 ※Capacity five people
[entrance fee] 1,620 yen ※We include lecturer charges, equipment charges. We rent tools.
[the time required] Approximately 40 - around 45 minutes
[venue] The first floor of NAMBA CITY Main Building basement ※Come within ten minutes before start.

We heard reservation, inquiry of course over telephone.
Please make an appointment with those who wish to participate after checking the name / contact information / participation number of people.
※In the case of participation hope, please order with child beforehand
※It should be finished as soon as it becomes capacity
※Image is image
※Color and design of publication product may be different from the real thing

■Cosmetics beauty PARK - hair salon [YARD] barbershop

Information for New Year's present Sale to 1/31


As New Year New Year's present Sale
ojua SP, TR500ml 1 kg

You can purchase in 10% off to 1/31.

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

We hold MORE SALE!


We appreciate your everyday patronage and are starting MORE SALE on Friday, January 11.
Articles targeted for Sale increase, and item which I wanted becomes more affordable.
This opportunity without passing over!

■Fashion [underwear, miscellaneous goods]


Room of AMPHI

It is 20%off from Sale price by Sale product more than 4 purchases to include more! !
As the latest product becomes a target of number, please see together

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

aruserapii re-reduction in price start last residual value


BAG of "artherapie" which became Sale price at Bargain start of the beginning of the year, a part of wallets are already re-reduction in price, up to approximately 66% of OFF last residual value partly. This is the last bedrock price of this term.
A part of the new item popular item announced in 2018 is targeted for re-reduction in price.
Hommage works to verudoguri of basic GAULTIER apply.
Please come to the store at this opportunity with your friends. We look forward to than all the staff feeling.

■Gourmet [doughnut]

Three kinds of melty fondant doughnut comes up!

Krispy Kreme DOUGHNUTS

When Valentine of this year warms, popular fondant doughnut which melty fatty tuna kicks increases new flavor, and cream of the inside appears three kinds.
Please spend happy time sharing melty doughnut with important person warmly

■Fashion [underwear, miscellaneous goods]

Under petit catalogue distribution!

Room of AMPHI

We are distributing petit catalogue of 2019 spring collection in Room of AMPHI now! !
We can check spring new item quickly
Concept "is charming. The key to magic to meet dearest me"

We are distributing free at store!
As number includes limit, please come to the store early

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

SALE in the Vivienne Westwood MAN autumn of 2018 for winter


It is fastest domestically and holds SALE for winter in the autumn of 2018 of Vivienne Westwood MAN.
All the basic goods of SALE exclusion sell at SALE price by the direct management such as mint KOLOR coat, Imperial Court, riders coat, basic classic shirt, basic ogee Clark shirt, constant seller V-neck cardigan, constant seller suit, too.
There are popular models sold out by the direct management. All wear article 30% OFF. Hold of plural points is possible at SALE price, too. Please order to the store staff casually. The regular formula handling. It is select store given permission to prepare only Vivienne Westwood in full-line in the country.
Please come to the store in Gallery at this opportunity. We wait for all the staff.

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

2018 autumn winter clothing SALE 30 - 70% OFF approximately 5,000 points


Period: January 2 Wed. - January 31 Thu.

30% of wears in winter latest the autumn of 2018 are OFF. Up to 70% of works archiving are OFF. Approximately 5,000 points.

★30% OFF in the fall and winter latest VivienneWestwood2018 year
・Vivienne Westwood - main line import ladies'ware
・ANGLO MANIA - import ladies'ware
・VivienneWestwood MAN - domestic men's-wear
※All the basic goods of SALE exclusion sell VivienneWestwood MAN at SALE price by the direct management, too.
★30% OFF in winter latest other brand autumn of 2018
★Wear, miscellaneous goods of other ladies' & men's, product 30-70% OFF archiving

Please come to Gallery NAMBA CITY shop at this opportunity.
We wait for all the staff.

■Fashion [men's, ladies']

◆Hey, it is D shoes Sale◆


Only as for the models more than 1/2 - 1/31, tax-excluded 30,000 yen, it is 15% OFF.
It was brand of all article SALE exclusion, but some products 15% OFF was usually established by the support of authorized import agency. Cyberpunk and Gothic from LA, shoes brand, heidizu of Gothic Lolita. The number of the domestic most handling. A lot of rare things of one point of country.
We should exclude back order product and hold product.
Please come to the store at this opportunity with your friends. We look forward to than all the staff feeling.


Store 10:00 - 21:00 Gourmet 10:00 - 22:00 ※Some stores open early in the morning and close late at night.
※Click here to see business days for restaurants at Namba Komejirushi.

Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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