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High quality chocolate brand on behalf of Belgium. We develop tasteful chocolate product at seasonally limited Collection and baked confectionery, good quality including shokorikisa of chocolate drink including basic Collection. In bright shop, you can choose various lineups depending on use from gift-giving use to home business slowly.

Chocolate - shokorikisa which named chocolate) from miraculous medicine (elixir) Deluxe chocolate drink of deep taste.
●Gold Collection
Assort chocolate refined at good quality by package of gold shining beautifully whether you are full of variety.
●Ice cream
Please enjoy mellow taste that good-quality chocolate was built up to base.

New product introduction of GODIVA

GODIVA cube truffle

GODIVA cube truffle

With six cube truffles 2,808 yen With nine cube truffles 3,996 yen With 12 cube truffles 5,184 yen

Cube truffle is truffle of GODIVA new constant seller which shut in mousse and ganache, fruits sauce, praline to two levels to shell of cube form.
Taste of milk chocolate and dark chocolate, "fuwa, toro" of good ganache of soft mousse and melting and various texture, flavors that different topping plays every filling and grain that said are deluxe truffles opening in mouth.

Cheesecake cookies

Cheesecake cookies

With five pieces of cheesecake cookies 561 yen With eight pieces of cheesecake cookies assortments 1,188 yen With 32 pieces of cheesecake cookies assortments 3,240 yen

"Cheesecake cookies assortment" is appearance to cookies which can enjoy harmony which chocolate which is full of flavors and langue de chat cookies of taste that we did quickly play.
It was fragrant, and Sandoz did mellow milk chocolate that cheese was fragrant slightly with langue de chat dough that cheese was fragrant.

White chocolate Earl Grey tea

White chocolate Earl Grey tea

White chocolate Earl Grey tea 600 yen

Earl Grey T that is high in flavor with friendly feeling comes up in sweets category for a limited time.
Heart came loose in flavor of Earl Grey which feeling was settled down to and finished in a time of the afternoon and flavor good for a change.

Sable chocolate Wanda full city dream

Sable chocolate Wanda full city dream

Entering five sable chocolate Wanda full cities 1,620 yen Entering ten sable chocolate Wanda full cities 3,024 yen Entering 15 sable chocolate Wanda full cities 4,212 yen

It is gorgeous gift assortment which assorted deluxe special dish "sable chocolate Wanda full city dream" to be able to enjoy texture that Sandoz made smooth chocolate ganache to sable which we baked quickly new flavor colorfully.

shokorikisasutoroberi & violet tip

shokorikisasutoroberi & violet tip

shokorikisasutoroberi 600 yen

Taste of strawberry sauce of refreshing dry strawberry and easy sweetness. Elegant shokorikisa where white chocolate blends with two kinds of different strawberries. On the whip cream, we decorate strawberry sauce and violet chocolate tip. He/she raises luxurious feeling.


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Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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