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From casual to modishness, we have accessories of high quality at affordable price in trend a lot. As colorful fashion accessory which there is sense of the seasons unfolds, we wait for visit of visitor.

New product introduction of Arles

NEW ☆Ribbon sandals

NEW ☆Ribbon sandals

Sandals 2,700 yen

Sandals which hearty ribbon has a cute are available!
It is easy to wear with flat type and is easy to walk,
It is item which quality of this year is over at a stretch just to wear☆

NEW ☆Pierced earrings

NEW ☆Pierced earrings

Pierced earrings 540 yen

It is pierced earrings of cool design like summer!
Whenever work, shake casually; for accent of summer styling☆
Offer earrings; there is!

Beach sandals

Beach sandals

Sandals 972 yen

It is sure to get outstanding performance in sea and summer recreation scene!
Of course it is good, and there is usually wearing in conformity to swimming wear
It is stylish design☆

Dust monstar cap

Dust monstar cap

Cap 1,620 yen

It is new chief!
Is it pretty mold ghost?
Lovely embroidery points!



Anklet 540 yen

Anklet which is outstanding performance in coming season!
To sandals; and for accent of coordinates!☆

Affordable price ☆Accessories 324 yen ...

Affordable price ☆Accessories 324 yen ...

Pierced earrings 324 yen
Earrings 324 yen

324 yen - majority has trendy accessories!
Of pierced earrings, besides, necklace ring clips…♪
Surely your favorite should be found☆
We wait than visit feeling!

Pressed flower iPhone case

Pressed flower iPhone case

iPhone case 1,296 yen

iPhone cases of good pressed flower are received in spring and summer!
It is iPhone7, two kinds for 6/6s☆
It is recommended in present of Mother's Day♪
As you are in a limited quantity, please come to the store early…!

Aristrist cap

Aristrist cap

Cap 1,620 yen

It is the arrival of NEW cap!
It is British celebrity rock band motif.
As it is limitation, to hasten!

NEW ☆Sandals

NEW ☆Sandals

Sandals 2,700 yen

NEW sandals are available!
While there is height as it is wedge-heel shoes, it is easy to walk
It is lovely mature sandals with a sense of stability☆

NEW ☆Tote bag

NEW ☆Tote bag

Tote bag 2,160 yen

Pretty basket tote bags are available like summer!
By drawstring bag design preventing from being able to see the contents, and losing quality,
Utility is a certain item well, too!☆

NEW watch

NEW watch

Clock 1,620 yen

Sports watch of silver frame☆
It is one point for usual coordinates!

Patch clutch bag

Patch clutch bag

Clutch bag 2,160 yen

It is smile and pretty patch clutch bag of banana!
It is very light and, by material and design like summer, is easy to have☆

Hair slide

Hair slide

Hair slide 324 yen

The latest hair slides are available!
As only sandwich quickly; easily arrangement of styling
It is made fashion item!☆


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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