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Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston
Cath Kidson

Cath Kidston
Clothing accessories
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Cath kidston

Cath Kidson who develops nationwide as global lifestyle brand as well as the U.K. after opening store in London in 1993. It unfolds widely from bag to fashion, kids' & babywear, homufanishingu.

New product introduction of Cath Kidston

Extreme popularity ☆Guinea pig print

Extreme popularity ☆Guinea pig print

Kids' book bag 3,024 yen Kids' rucksack 6,696 yen

Kids' item of guinea pig print of extreme popularity ☆Because A4 size enters, book bag is good to lesson☆

Marching band☆

Marching band☆

Folder way backpack 5,940 yen Marching band bag charm 2,592 yen

Very light backpack is foldable ☆It is prettiness doubling if we attach bag charm!

The latest hot air balloon print☆

The latest hot air balloon print☆

Large folder way tote bag 4,320 yen

Folding bag sold out in extreme popularity comes up by new print in the spring and summer! Because it is light and is foldable and is with fastener, it is usually good to errand and trip☆

Pet party tableware☆

Pet party tableware☆

Tea plate 1,512 yen Serial bowl 1,620 yen Cup & saucer 3,348 yen

Tableware is received on unbearable pretty print toward marmot, the hamster enthusiast, too ☆We feel like making even with table and kitchen carelessly♪♪

New item ☆Soldier print

New item ☆Soldier print

Large gadget case 3,024 yen iphone7 case 3,996 yen Zip Perth 1,404 yen

Even accessories are varied in soldier print of marching band☆☆
To pouch to iPhone case…When item of pop print comes out from bag, we are very pretty!

New item ☆Soldier print

New item ☆Soldier print

Book bag 4,212 yen Bag charm 2,592 yen Color block tote 5,400 yen

On popular soldier print, new pattern comes up from today! It is delightful soldier of marching band this time ♪ ♪ As you are received in various items, come to store by all means☆

The kids' latest rucksack☆

The kids' latest rucksack☆

Kids' mini ruck case 3,456 yen

New print of kids' mini ruck case of extreme popularity in the fall and winter ☆Animal print which boy loves on flower print like girl! Which you will have is prettiness hesitating about☆

For trip☆

For trip☆

Overnight bag 9,612 yen

New print comes up to basic overnight bag! We occupy porch if we fold and it is light and is large-capacity! It is good to outing of summer vacation☆

Guinea pig print☆

Guinea pig print☆

Open CALEE oar Whiz strap 6,156 yen Travel Perth 2,592 yen Zip Perth 1,404 yen

New prints were received! Guinea pig print like love is covered with hat, and have present; and state of party ☆It is rare print which wants to get by all means!


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