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Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston
Cath Kidson

Cath Kidston
Clothing accessories
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Cath kidston

Cath Kidson who develops nationwide as global lifestyle brand as well as the U.K. after opening store in London in 1993. It unfolds widely from bag to fashion, kids' & babywear, homufanishingu.

New product introduction of Cath Kidston

Outing dress☆

Outing dress☆

aishasuriburesudoresu 4,752 yen Mini-bag 1,944 yen

New print comes up to kids' dress ☆If bright Rose wears printed dress, outing becomes still more fun, too☆

To attendant of trip☆

To attendant of trip☆

Folder way double-decker 11,016 yen

Comfort which double-decker bag separates in top and bottom and can store! It is very convenient to put shoes or file in the lower berth ☆Even closet does not take place to enter pouch completely if we fold☆

Kitchen item☆

Kitchen item☆

Glass tumbler 2,916 yen gurasukaraue 972 yen Table runner 3,996 yen

New item in KEYTH pot series is available! Refreshing blue waterdrop print is good in coming season☆

The latest print☆

The latest print☆

jippudohandobaggu 11,340 yen iPhone7 case 3,996 yen

jippudohandobaggu which is gorgeous even if Rose who was greatly drawn boldly takes is sure to get that it is for one point of fashion☆
(^o^)/ where Shinsaku folds the arrival into iPhone7 case

Passport holder & luggage tag☆

Passport holder & luggage tag☆

Passport holder 1,998 yen Round luggage tag 1,188 yen

New round type comes up to luggage tag☆
Passport cases of matching print are received♪♪

Reversible crossbody bag☆

Reversible crossbody bag☆

Reversible crossbody 7,560 yen

Spot of Cath Kidson constant seller comes up for new impression!
With strap which this bag of reversible type is very light, and is usable in shoulder☆

The latest safari print!

The latest safari print!

Mini-bag 1,944 yen mediamubakkupakku 4,968 yen Two-way zipper pencil case 1,512 yen

Colorful safari prints are received ☆Various animals or described print are prettiness that not only child but also adult becomes captive☆

London print☆

London print☆

Multi-pocket backpack 9,612 yen Book bag 4,212 yen Cotton zip Perth 1,620 yen

The latest London toile print ☆New item that famous place of London was described in! Color of light blue is very refined print☆

New item rakkibanchipurinto☆

New item rakkibanchipurinto☆

Zip skeletons body 9,288 yen Overnight bag 9,612 yen Round luggage Doug 1,188 yen

New works are received! rakkibanchipurinto where small floral design is cute in light light blue is good to trip☆


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