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Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston
Cath Kidson

Cath Kidston
Clothing accessories
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Cath kidston

Cath Kidson who develops nationwide as global lifestyle brand as well as the U.K. after opening store in London in 1993. It unfolds widely from bag to fashion, kids' & babywear, homufanishingu.

News from Cath Kidston

☆Holiday campaign☆

☆Holiday campaign☆

Visitor of purchase can participate in lottery that domestic pair trip of 3 days and 2 nights and wonderful product hit more than 10,000 yen in Cath Kidson now
As we have item which is good to trip at store, we do shopping in Cath Kidson, and let's go out on wonderful trip

New product introduction of Cath Kidston

Sewing box☆

Sewing box☆

House sewing box 10,368 yen
Needle case 1,512 yen
Pincushion 1,512 yen

As withdrawals of roof and the front found house-shaped cute sewing box; as for the storing well! Time for sewing becomes happy if we use matching needle case and pincushion together☆

Bag & strap Collection☆

Bag & strap Collection☆

purenkabudosadorubaggu 9,180 yen
sutorappuratimarozu 3,240 yen
Strap bijoux 5,400 yen

Find favorite strap; and for accent of fashion of this summer☆
It is Mina pita point 10 times this week from 26th!
(*^o^*) which it is in a limited quantity and stays, and hold heard as there becomes a few

Strap Collection☆

Strap Collection☆

purenkabudosadorubaggu 9,180 yen
Strap 5,400 yen

Collection which bag and strap can choose for preference for other selling ☆Bag only for you should be surely found☆☆

For picnic☆

For picnic☆

Picnic blanket 7,020 yen
Cool bag 5,940 yen
Fruit bottle 3,132 yen

Spring of 2017 summer new pattern ☆Series that lobster and shellfish were printed! It is good to picnic and the sea!

Holiday collection☆

Holiday collection☆

Folder way double-decker 11,016 yen
Pass holder 1,188 yen

Double-decker bag which is good to trip and gym ☆Upper bottom is convenient to put shoes on lower part because we are divided! As we occupy porch when we fold, even closet does not take place!

In Mother's Day hand cream☆

In Mother's Day hand cream☆

Hand care set 3,240 yen
Moisture hand cream 1,674 yen
Hand cream trio 1,458 yen

The latest hand cream series ☆Patchouli mint of modern, bright flavor based on fresh rose and patchouli. It is sure that it is pleased with present of Mother's Day, thing!

In Mother's Day apron☆

In Mother's Day apron☆

Apron 4,644 yen
Mini-Gantt let 2,592 yen

Apron of gorgeous print is good to present of Mother's Day! Do you not convey feeling of thanks not to be able to readily usually say with present at this opportunity either?☆

Canvas bag☆

Canvas bag☆

sutoraipudokyambasuborabaggu 11,340 yen
Thai knee canvas bowler bag 7,020 yen
Turf DOS pot strap 4,320 yen

Popular bowler bag debuts in canvas material! Design of stripe is good to Malin taste to cool canvas material☆

Limited number of strap Collection☆

Limited number of strap Collection☆

purenkabudosadorubaggu 9,180 yen
Latimer, Mallory, a lot of straps 3,240 yen
Yellow, spot, a lot of straps 4,320 yen

Trendy strap Collection which we can customize of this year ☆It is colorful and has by few design in Cath Kidson elsewhere☆

In Children's Day☆

In Children's Day☆

It is shark rucksack 3,456 yen
PVC draw string bag 2,808 yen

Knapsack of PVC material is with pouch, and it is good to pool! Outing is ukiuki with mini ruck case of shark, too☆

Plastic bag☆

Plastic bag☆

PVC beach bag 4,968 yen
Star bag key ring 2,160 yen
Banana zip Perth charm 2,808 yen

Tropical vinyl bag comes up! As it is vinyl material, it is sure to get outstanding performance in pool in the sea ☆Comfort that banana zip Perth charm becomes eco bag!


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