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Libenham collection

Libenham collection
Libenham Collection

Libenham collection
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Libenham of watch brand which featured the theme of Swiss nature. Nature tells time……Nature and time are lives of person. Therefore Libenham does not need battery. "Time and connection of nature" are themes at "nature and person" "person and time". Mountain, lake, river, the sky, bright color of the earth to change with passage of time called season beautifully and brightness of the sun are expressed. We do not use battery for movement and adopt mechanical self-winding watch. This bringing about time in natural movement of person also expresses relations of "person and nature and time". Function knowing removes time entirely and individualizes beauty of design. "Libenham Watch" promises not only appearance but also sense of heart to person putting on in the body.

New product introduction of Libenham collection



LH90036-15 22,680 yen

Sunset model who expressed the surface of the water that emitted golden brightness at dusk.
Simple clockface comprised of silver and gold is easy to wear self-winding watch regardless of man and woman naturally, and it is most suitable for gift.
We heard free giftwrapping.
Come to south building the first floor Libenham Collection.

Re Collection series 2

Re Collection series 2

LH90036Re-02 22,680 yen

Re-Collection series which recollected the times when scenery such as mountain, lake, the sky which were full of colors of Switzerland had begun to attract the European inside.
We adopt simple font to clockface, and design giving classical impression is impressive.
It features a feeling of size of design design that assumed self-winding watch regardless of man and woman close.
We heard free giftwrapping.
Come to Libenham Collection south building the first floor.

Re Collection series

Re Collection series

LH90036Re-04 22,680 yen

We recollect the times when scenery that is full of colors of Switzerland has begun to attract the European inside.
He/she gives classical impression to clockface by taking in design of gold.
We heard free giftwrapping for a feeling of natural size to arrive, and to be able to enjoy design and self-winding watch of feeling regardless of man and woman.
Please come to the store to south building the first floor Libenham Collection.


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