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We develop ladies' bag with utility that can use "like oneself" in ON/OFF in concept so that an everyday time of woman shines like oneself still more. In addition, we show cute variation in bag including mobile case and pass case pouch wealthily and have item which can coordinate.

New product introduction of SMIRNASLI

We had Chain Ruck!

We had Chain Ruck!

Chain rucksack 9,990 yen

Extreme popularity! We design to 2-way rucksack newly and come up!
In series of extreme popularity to become both shoulder bag and rucksack, new design of trend is appearance chain errand! Chain of design with cut raises usual style for refined impression. It is point that bearer of on the small side can show womanfully.

We had Willow Basket again!

We had Willow Basket again!

Willow basket 7,992 yen

Basket bags of extreme popularity were received than Sammy luna pickpocket again!
It is glad 2WAY specification to hang slant for outing because shoulder is touched by style to put through arm, and to have, and to be usable for basket type of one steering wheel as BAG! !
Please come in small quantities as it is the arrival to see ☆We visit hold!

We had Circle Metal Hand Bag again!

We had Circle Metal Hand Bag again!

shikurumetarubaggu 6,966 yen

Feminine form is cute mini-shoulder!
We have a cute form with roundness that we did around,
Metal fittings of bold metal are point (^^)
As it is specification opened at both sides, convenience is perfect, too☆☆
As string is with shoulder, use as shoulder bag is possible, too♪

We had Chain Shoulder!

We had Chain Shoulder!

Chain shoulder 9,990 yen

Chain of with adjustment metal fittings trendy to popular mini-bag
It is shoulder bag which we treated☆☆☆
Original design which name of SMIR NASLI entered on adjustment metal fittings.
Chain of design which cut entered gives refined impression.
It is good to simple stylish styling♪

We had Jacquard Clutch Pouch!

We had Jacquard Clutch Pouch!

Jacquard clutch pouch 3,996 yen

Clutch pouch that styling accentuated colorful coloring was received! Trendy tassel errand is one point ♪ For a feeling of size to be able to have with one hand lightly, it is available as bag in bag★

We had Standard City Boston!

We had Standard City Boston!

Standard city Boston 7,992 yen

Simple, stylish form is OK for office messenger let alone daily♪
Basic coloring matches any styling.
There is fastener pocket in the front desk, and functionality is perfect, too!

It becomes price price for a limited time.
In oneself, how about by all means in Mother's Day?

We had Summer Ring Bucket Bag!

We had Summer Ring Bucket Bag!

Summer ring BAQET bag 8,964 yen

New color comes up in trendy bucket type!
Denim and design of canvas joined trendy bucket type bag! It is excellent at affinity in casual coordination♪
Ring metal fittings give refined impression.
Nice size that plastic bottle enters lengthwise is point.


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