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Maker shop which usually has bag corresponding to the scene ranging from errand to travel business. Bag & luggage brand "ace. providing the most suitable price," "ProtecA" mainly on suitcase made in Japan develops joint development bag "Kanana projects" with master, Kanae Takeuchi of trip.

News from ace.

It is winter advantageous information to all of you than ace!

It is winter advantageous information to all of you than ace!

(^^)/ which offers wonderful privilege with ACE member's card members only from Friday, December 8
Of course! In the one that does not have enroll in members program the enrollment (free) on the day
We offer the same privilege in this!
It is exclusively for ten days to Sun. for 17 days! !
Do you have a good day when you purchase in ace NAMBA CITY shop during period?
We look forward to than your visit feeling.

New product introduction of ace.

HaNT-limited KOLOR third arrival ...♬

HaNT-limited KOLOR third arrival ...♬

The small - 06051 27,000 yen The inside - 06054 30,240 yen Large (06053) 33,480 yen

Extreme popularity! (^o^) where pink beige of attributive color arrived at than suitcase "HaNT mine" for woman
Interior is very pretty balloon print, too!
The first black, the second blue are now on sale, too!
Please see by all means at store♪

The Disney special edition fifth arrival♬

The Disney special edition fifth arrival♬

The small - 06124 22,680 yen Large (06125) 27,000 yen

New item came up than journey Collection series on Disney holiday!
The fifth is silhouette Mickey & Minnie (^^)
We were studded with silhouettes which Mickey and Minnie snuggled up to peacefully like lace of gold.
We shine shiningly and are suitcase of good gorgeous design for holiday season♬
Please see by all means at store☆

MACKINTOSH ☆The limited arrival☆

MACKINTOSH ☆The limited arrival☆

The left - 59947 34,560 yen The right - 59949 42,120 yen

British well-established brand - "MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY which was born as the second line of Mackintosh
It is appearance of limited model than business series "trotteur" of the inside!
It is said that Mackintosh supports back order, but is usually the arrival only this time! How about for Christmas gift?
Please see by all means at store.

Simple. But we are stylish! !

Simple. But we are stylish! !

The small - 77821 7,560 yen The inside - 77822 8,640 yen Large (77823) 10,800 yen

Stylish leather clutch bags were received in autumn new item!
From compact size to be able to have as a substitute for wallet to A4 size three kinds of models♬
Price is reasonable, too, coming season is to oneself use and gift nimopittaridesuyo ~\ (^o^)/

Convenience goods of trip!

Convenience goods of trip!

Belt which stops BAG 1,026 yen

Introduction of convenience goods of trip☆
Belt which stops BAG fixing bag which we rode on the suitcase.
As we can fix baggage, movement becomes easy and is effective for crime prevention including snatching again.
How about one for attendant of the year-end and New Year homecoming and trip?


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Closed days We do business without taking a rest in December.

The year-end and New Year business hours

December 31 - day We do business until 18:00
January 1 - month, celebration Closed days
January 2 - fire We do business from 9:30
January 3 - water) ... It is done business as usual
※Some stores are open.
   List of year-end and New Year business hours change stores

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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