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OLD BETTY' S / Born / Re:make / GREEN BOWL / SNOOPY X OLD BETTY' S / Import (Converse, new balance)

Brand that product of unprecedented new sense not to get snagged in the times when we assumed Vintage, Natural, Surf keyword suggests American casual to base. We value good point, feel and the durability of comfort only in MADE IN JAPAN since its formation, and not only functionality but also fashionability is busy in a good balance. In addition, while collaboration item with popular Snoopy has favorable reception, and T-Shirts and cut-and-sew, CAP, leggings are wide, and item constitution that started in BAG, BELT develops item now. Interior in shop reminds of sea hut using old materials and oar, steering wheel of floating ship to show a sense of unity with product, and space that warmth can feel makes.

OLD BETTY - new product introduction of S

Denim Market Bag

Denim Market Bag

Denim Market Bag is received.

As we use denim of non-wash of 10oz denim, we embezzle and wash, and discoloration enjoy,
It is item which can enjoy secular variation to be familiar with body, and to be finished in color only for oneself.
Print which is military taste enters print of cloth for other side and is the finish which seems to be OLDBETTY'S which was concerned with invisible part.

5,500 yen 5,940 yen (tax-included)

Herringbone Check Stole

Herringbone Check Stole

Herringbone Check Stole is received.

It is large size plaid stole that plaid of herringbone texture is adult-like.
As impression changes by KOLOR, it is available as both muffler and stole.
There is slightly raised feeling and is item that seasonal warmth is felt.

3,700 yen 3,996 yen (tax-included)

Drawcord Baker Pants

Drawcord Baker Pants

Drawcord Baker Pants is received.

Of course Baker pants are that dough is firm dough in casual style
In item which it is easy to match with coordinates of beautiful eyes,
Design of drawcord of waist part seems to be in this year and is one piece.

5,900 yen 6,372 yen (tax-included)

10oz Denim Full Zip Parka

10oz Denim Full Zip Parka

10oz Denim Full Zip Parka is received.

It is full zip Parker using 10oz indigo denim.
It is item which any coordinates are easy to put together with denim with a feeling of dough which they did well.
We can enjoy texture that Atari appears whenever we wear and changes.

9,200 yen 9,936 yen (tax-included)

2Tone Over Size Sweat Parka

2Tone Over Size Sweat Parka

2Tone Over Size Sweat Parka is received.

As feel becomes well soft Parker, it is comfortable and is warm.
It is the point having a cute place where color is replaced by.

7,400 yen 7,992 yen (tax-included)

Remake Sweat Parka

Remake Sweat Parka

SNOOPY Remake Sweat Parka is received.

It is pretty one piece that design which it becomes the other material in before and after, and seemed to remake gets a lot of looks.
Seeing from parka, the back that are simple judging from before, printed pattern with impact is impressive.

5,500 yen 5,940 yen (tax-included)

Long Sweat Shirts

Long Sweat Shirts

Born 1Pocket Long Sweat Shirts is received.

Uneven material creates atmosphere warm.
We are gathered up cutely even if we match with leggings and pants of cloth with patterns as it is simple design.
Place to be worried about covers silhouette of comfortable eyes.

5,500 yen 5,940 yen (tax-included)


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