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OLD BETTY' S / Born / Re:make / GREEN BOWL / SNOOPY X OLD BETTY' S / Import (Converse, new balance)

Brand that product of unprecedented new sense not to get snagged in the times when we assumed Vintage, Natural, Surf keyword suggests American casual to base. We value good point, feel and the durability of comfort only in MADE IN JAPAN since its formation, and not only functionality but also fashionability is busy in a good balance. In addition, while collaboration item with popular Snoopy has favorable reception, and T-Shirts and cut-and-sew, CAP, leggings are wide, and item constitution that started in BAG, BELT develops item now. Interior in shop reminds of sea hut using old materials and oar, steering wheel of floating ship to show a sense of unity with product, and space that warmth can feel makes.

OLD BETTY - new product introduction of S

Leather plate

Leather plate

* which leather anode had

This item is item made in the country.
* that Cadillac print is performed model push of

Even if we store accessories and put in the door and room, we are pretty☆

3,000 yen 3,240 yen (tax-included)

Cadillac print T-shirt

Cadillac print T-shirt

T-shirt 3,996 yen

* which is the Cadillac print T-shirt arrival

Symbol of OLD BETTY'S! But Cadillac print of a certain extreme popularity is printed, and is simple; is designed.

Bench coat *

Bench coat *

Bench coat 10,584 yen

It is bench coat * using boa fleece in nylon taffeta, lining to dress material

As it is lightweight, you can wear shoulder lightly without being elaborate♫
As as it is length to hide to waist, we get a grip, and cold protection uses nylon, too
It is most suitable for rainy day☆

That it is bright is item that KOLOR gets a lot of looks very much!

Football T-shirt

Football T-shirt

T-shirt 3,996 yen

Detail with vintage baseball T-shirt as design sauce is T-shirt of point☆

Handwriting-style print paint processing that gave back and forth for accent!

As it is type having a long some length that Pip line is covered, skirt and pants can have you enter and wear♫

Watch cap *

Watch cap *

Watch cap 3,024 yen

All watch caps of season wearing possible cotton material♫

Sea Japanese spaniel gravel which printed comics art of PEANUTS for accent☆
Child - * becoming size that you can take to adult
It is one article pleased with in present. *

New item parka *

New item parka *

Parka 5,940 yen

Vintage sweat shirt parka
Detail making design sauce is short-sleeved parka of point☆

Of handwriting-style print which we put for the front desk and slit difference
Bandana print piping accentuates♫
* which is not slow in layered case with jacket and shirt as it is a feeling of compact size

CONVERSE sneakers☆

CONVERSE sneakers☆

Sneakers 8,100 yen


We reach birth 100 years in 2,017 years
Memorialize from "ALL STAR"
ALL STAR 100 which made its debut☆

American comics in motif
CONVERSE which celebrates the 100th anniversary
Original comics print
We are printed♪☆

Suspenders pants

Suspenders pants

Suspenders pants 16,200 yen

Detail with vintage work pants as design sauce is suspenders pants * of point

Bleach ice blue color which we processed is item like spring and summer♪

As suspenders are removable, we can arrange by coordinates☆

High waist denim wide pants *

High waist denim wide pants *

Wide pants 17,280 yen

Wide pants of high waist are appearances☆
As previous waist part becomes rib, it becomes easy to wear very much♫
By length that may have you wear length in conjunction with heels,
* which becomes silhouette looking long-legged

Horizontal stripe T-shirt

Horizontal stripe T-shirt

T-shirt 5,292 yen

Horizontal stripe cut-and-sew * which KOLOR has abundant in basic
It is simple design, but accentuates by attaching print label behind♫
As we do not choose style to match, it is item which is useful in long season☆

Clutch in tote bag *

Clutch in tote bag *

Clutch in tote bag 9,936 yen

NEW version of extreme popularity product Canvas Clutch in Tote Bag comes up☆

It is two colors of surfing print and premature start ace. print♪
Besides, 2way specifications of few tote & clutch are unique items!

The latest jacket

The latest jacket

Jacket 14,040 yen

Coverall using cotton duck☆

Huskiness of hit and print part occurs by giving special washing processing and is finished in the vintage-style appearance. Springlike border print is point♫

You can wear under the coat as shirt jacket in the present season,
Convenient * which is one piece that it is the early spring as a substitute for outer wear with one piece

Canvas remake pouch

Canvas remake pouch

Canvas remake pouch 4,968 yen

☆The few days arrival☆
It is Snoopy canvas remake pouch.
Design which it is this porch which was extreme popularity last time, but is available with bum bag this time and * that it is
If both sides designs are different, it is point at the time♪


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00


〒542-0076 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

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