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Unisex T-shirt store which does wide print, variety of colors from characters, illustration to graphic in pursuit of possibility that T-shirt lasts. We receive inspiration from art, music, culture and, also, support them. A lot of collaboration rate T-shirt goods unfold, too.

New product introduction of Laundry

New item information!

New item information!

Overdie horizontal stripes T 4,536 yen Kids' overdie horizontal stripes T 3,456 yen

Horizontal stripe T-shirt which we added color to by product dyeing.
Overall feeling of processing and monogram +BOY you embroidery of chest that we wore out point.

Each adult color S - L
Each kids color 100 - 140
Held Mina pita point 10 times until 25th!

Mask man revival!

Mask man revival!

Mask man back blurring squid - 4,104 yen

The professionalless skill that was greatly printed on back print has a big impact!
One piece that we show back print with one piece as it becomes warm and want to wear♪
By the way, characters that mask man appeared for the first time in 2002☆
We discuss the rights and wrongs of Mina pita pt10 in timing of doubling!
SS - L
White blue orange

Professional baseball collaboration!

Professional baseball collaboration!

Hanshin Tigers 4,536 yen Hiroshima Carp 4,536 yen

Annual professional baseball collaboration great admiration is now on sale every year!
It becomes image only for popular two teams, but keeps all 12 baseball teams at store☆

SS - L
Only as for each baseball team 1 KOLOR

The remake BIG T arrival

The remake BIG T arrival

Character remake BIG T-shirt 5,940 yen

It was remake-style and designed print T-shirt of popular character of Laundry♪
Big T-shirt of length short as for feeling of size.
KOLOR of pop multicolored and modest charcoal gray system is one piece of special feeling full loading☆
※Size development becomes only M L.

Under professional baseball collaboration reservation acceptance!

Under professional baseball collaboration reservation acceptance!

T-shirt of collaboration plan "puroyakyu X Laundry" with each professional baseball baseball team was completed.
Collaboration with all central and pacific 12 baseball teams is realized this year! We are just accepting advance reservation ahead of release at store on Friday, March 16.

12 baseball teams for each 4,536 yen -
XS - L

Indigo cut denim

Indigo cut denim

Indigo cut denim 7,344 yen KIDS indigo cut denim 5,292 yen

It is short pants using cut denim.
As gusset enters inseam, we point * kiyasusamo◎
Indigo is different in color in front and back, and patterned stars image the Star-Spangled Banner☆

Adult S - L
KIDS 100 - 140

Laundry logo T-shirt

Laundry logo T-shirt

Laundry logo T-shirt 3,024 yen

It is logo T-shirt of Laundry constant seller.
It is design which wears well simply because it is simple.

White navy yellow
Each color SS - L


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Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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