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Pelle Penna

Pelle Penna
Pelle Penna

Pelle Penna
Writing utensils
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It is Italian popular brand, Lamy having high design commencing with delta, writing implements specialty store having discerning writing implements from large amount-limited product to reasonable product widely including Orobianco L'unique. Ink or extra lead are fulfilling, too. Fountain pen tries casually in the first one and keeps the making of book kioshiteitadakeru space in mind.

New product introduction of Pelle Penna

With progress of time…

With progress of time…

<platinum> Classic ink 2,160 yen

It is water-soluble ink which mixed iron content with ingredient derived from plant included in tea leaves.
Be superior to light, water-resistant-resistant that to infiltrate paper and is oxidized and colonize and is special ink which was suitable for long-term preservation.
We begin to write, and bright ink changes densely with progress of time. You can enjoy process when color changes.

It is most suitable for present

It is most suitable for present

Platinum Nice lira fountain pen 21,600 yen

New color "lira" comes up in "Nice" series in platinum century☆
We were dressed in light pink body reflecting the image of flower of lira by metal trim of pink gold and it was gorgeous and was finished elegantly.
Look by all means at store!

Orobianco L'unique Collection★

Orobianco L'unique Collection★

Pen grafting - three 4,320 yen
Pen grafting - six 4,860 yen
Pen grafting - column 5,400 yen

Orobianco is brand established mainly on casual bag based in Italian Milan suburbs gararate in 1996 by Mr. Giacomo VALENTINI.
Having been born new in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the foundation [Orobianco L'unique]
Orobianco brand first wooden Collection "Aruba Lorre introduces for a limited time, too"♪
Look by all means at store★

Attributive colors of this year are available!

Attributive colors of this year are available!

<pilot> guranse fountain pen 12,960 yen
Ball-point pen 7,560 yen
Pencil 7,560 yen

Attributive colors of this year of pilot guranseshirizu are available.
It is snow, spring flower, three colors of moonlight.
There are pen and matching pen case (tax-included 3,240 yen).
It is appearance of sign of spring that is early in second.
Look by all means at store♪


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00


〒542-0076 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

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