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Samansa Mos2 / ehka sopo

It is suggestion between the sky with feelings to be natural, and to live for without being affected that these two brands create "Samansa Mos2" and basic daily traditional fashion to suggest comfortable product that natural feeling and warmth are felt "ehka sopo" which added the present feeling to base.

New product introduction of SM2

○New Arrival○

○New Arrival○

Floral design change utility clothes blouse 5,940 yen

It is girly one piece that we change cloth for different small floral design print, and it was possible♪
As it becomes silhouette opening softly which gathered slightly, it is unhurried comfort.○
Neckband with roundness and button design of back raise quality of child of woman, too, ...♪

○New Arrival○

○New Arrival○

Neckline lace haori dress 13,824 yen

New label which began from last year - ○ that the latest product arrived from TSUHARU bySamansaMos2]
Lace used for dress is made with thing called leaver lace by lace machine invented in the U.K. ♪ ... which uses thin thread much to make delicate, complicated composition, and is said to be lace which is expensive at all because speed of machine is late ☆Please see by all means at store♪

○Recommend Item○

○Recommend Item○

Dough washing processing canvas sneakers 4,212 yen

We have recommended sneakers to usually use.○
We wear and seem to play a light role for feeling with small-sized form in all seasons regardless of season♪
Colder day continues, but impression of coordinates strongly changes just to change item from boots to sneakers! ◎ Please try☆

○New Arrival○

○New Arrival○

Nostalgic lapping print dress 7,452 yen
yuru blouson 6,372 yen

... which item reached from ehkasopo in anniversary when we memorialized the brand tenth anniversary☆
What and print of wrapping paper used in Japanese stationer and toy stores before a little now are imaged! ♪ As for the blouson, lining becomes the print!
In addition, please come to look at skirt and cut-and-sew by all means as it is the same print!

○New Arrival○

○New Arrival○

Moleskin neckband disassembly coat 8,532 yen
Cotton/hemp print assortment Cache-coeur dress 8,100 yen

... which is just having the latest products for spring in SM2 one after another♪
Coat which seems to play an active part and one piece are only things pretty all such as cotton/hemp dresses held up with haori which wants to last this spring! Cold day continues, but please come to shop ☆We wait♪

○New Arrival○

○New Arrival○

Comment Mumin fleece pile zip parka 5,292 yen
Viyella gathers blouse 2,700 yen
Denim wide overall 7,452 yen

... which spring new work reached from SamansaMos2 ♪ ))
This parka becomes the second of SamansaMos2 X Mumin collaboration! Popular print cut-and-sew is received in new pattern by former collaboration!
Mumin who is on the chest quietly are very pretty ♪ Please come to see♪


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00


〒542-0076 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

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