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As well as special situation, we want to always enjoy fashion. We send jewelry brightening each individuality for adult woman who is sensitive to fashion which repeated age with the fashion more.

New product introduction of Jouete

Ear clip

Ear clip

Gorgeous ear clip to be able to enjoy in non-hall.

Let alone usual times trainer for occasion use
It is excellence item which seems to play an active part☆★



Horseshoe clear 9,720 yen

Motif of horse's hoof of horse,
You can enjoy in stone nashio the right side and the wrong side that there is stone in
Reversible type.

In style on the day
We change impression in total and can enjoy☆★



Timepiece 19,440 yen K10 bracelet 8,640 yen

Timepiece to be able to enjoy by jewelry sense☆

Delicate glass cutting of face
Design which adds casual brightness.

As business that works in being basic design◎

New sense ☆Ear jewelry

New sense ☆Ear jewelry

5/25 - money) release
Circle pierced earrings☆

It is cover uyona by design in before and after of ear
Ear jewelry of new sense.
A lot of inquiries had before release, too
It is popular Collection.

We accept reservation.
You feel free to contact, and please attach☆★



Timepiece 19,440 yen Bracelet 6,480 yen Circle type ring 6,480 yen

We update clock for summer☆★

Temperature begins to rise in earnest, too
It was season that summer clothes could enjoy.
To cool KOLOR that tone of accessory is light
We shift and will change.



A feeling of blue-collar X shaking
We have earrings which summer becomes impatient for☆★

Earrings of Jouete
It is hard to come to have a pain for a long time even if we attach
Appearance seems to put on pierced earrings, too
Natural Saga characteristic.
Repeater is many popular items, too.

Please come for try-on by all means☆★

Bracelet Collection

Bracelet Collection

Bracelet of design which worked of edge
Summer latest Collection.

As we look good in one
We seem to be able to enjoy seasonal styling…☆★



Pierced earrings 6,480 yen Ear caph 6,480 yen

Cool KOLOR and item with a feeling of shaking
This season when we want to choose.

We were particular about silhouette of hook
Pierced earrings of amazonite
It is item shining in sunlight of early summer☆

High vanity - item

High vanity - item

Wear cuff links 5,400 yen Pearl ear caph 6,048 yen

Material is good and is handy though we are substantial.
We have such an item in Jouete.

This item,
Of K18 coating or platinum coating
Ear caph.
Price is all the things tax-excluded 5,000 yen of photograph.

We do introduction depending on budget★
Please consult casually by all means.

Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day gift

It is introduction of "" pearl item which is not too simple.

To pearl of moderate voluminous feel,
Diamond of 1 stone is treated
He/she adds glitter to the chest, the ear.

We are unsatisfactory by normal design
To gift to such one
By all means Jouete…☆★

Bangle Collection

Bangle Collection

With silver X gold, we create the softness.

We only add rather thin gold
It becomes easy to challenge trendy silver KOLOR☆★

Pinkie ring

Pinkie ring

Pinkie ring 6,480 yen Pinkie ring 7,680 yen Pinkie ring 9,720 yen

It is easy to add to usual coordinates
Basic design was enriched.

As for the person who does not have silver
When it is challenged by all means by pinkie☆★

To gift

To gift

Pierced earrings 12,960 yen Lap earrings 12,960 yen

In Jouete of 6,000 yen ~
Pierced earrings, other variations have earrings abundantly
We have.

We are carrying out gift card service free!
Let me help with selection of gift by all means.

We look forward to than all the stylists feeling.

Large-sized earrings

Large-sized earrings

In season of light clothes, we want to be particular about accessories.
On stack of large-sized earrings, we create gaiety to expression of the face circumference☆★

Earrings to shake, and to show for feeling

Earrings to shake, and to show for feeling

Earrings 10,800 yen Ear caph 6,480 yen

In spring and summer when up hair increases, we shake, and earrings with feeling shine.

Gee, in impression that got better more when we added caph.

Earrings remove charm and are 2WAY type to be available only in hoop☆


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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