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INDEX (INDEX) /grove (glove) /world basic (world basic)

Feeling select type store INDEX trendy for woman who wants to enjoy lifestyle like oneself to suggest item which there is.
We make lineup from apparel to miscellaneous goods mainly on original brand "INDEX" widely.

New product introduction of INDEX

** New item item

** New item item

Sandals 5,940 yen

The latest sandals are available ♪ *゜
o(*^ ▽ ^*)o excellent at walkability in being wedge-heel shoes with richness if color is four-colored
It is simple, and design is good in summer, too!◎
... (* ^ - ^ *) that we wait for visit

Lace Tops

Lace Tops

Tops 3,229 yen

(^O^) which is introduction of lace Tops
\ (^^)/ where appearance comes to look cool as it is lace with richness if color is four-colored♪♪
It is sure to get all-around item of this summer!◎
... (*'ο`*) which waits for visit

2way blouse ♪ *゜

2way blouse ♪ *゜

Blouse 4,309 yen

(^O^)! which is introduction of blouse which is good in coming season
\ (^^)/ which matches both skirt and pants in length and 2way of tank top for seven minutes♪♪
Four colors and color are abundant, too! !!
Please come to the store; ... (*'ο`*)

The latest sandals♪

The latest sandals♪

Sandals 6,469 yen

It is simple, it is solid-looking, and we are pretty and sandals which there can be are available easily ♪ 'θ ` - no
Variety of colors is beige, camel, three colors of black development☆
Size becomes 2 size of 23.5 and 24.5♪
Give visit in shop of by all means; ...!

Recommended coordinates

Recommended coordinates

Blouse 4,309 yen
Skirt 6,469 yen

It is introduction of good coordinates in coming season ☆*. .
Blouse of what and 2way - ^O^ It can inflect as length for seven minutes◎
Sure to get that it becomes refreshing impression as waist closes as for the skirt (^^♪
We wait for visit (* ^ - ^ *)

Sleeve Hira Tops☆

Sleeve Hira Tops☆

Tops 3,229 yen

As sleeve is pounding ttoshitete bijoux flutteringly, it is Tops which it is dressy very much though it is knit and can wear♫
As it is five colors of development, please come to see to index☆

Item which is good at the present time•* ¨ *•.¸¸♪✧

Item which is good at the present time•* ¨ *•.¸¸♪✧

Jacket 7,549 yen

(^-^) which is introduction of jacket which is good at the present time
Military jacket which it is easy to put together is congenial to both skirt and pants and is convenience item which is familiar with coordinates well♪♪
(*^_^*) where what we have you use sleeve part in reply on slightly hot day and show clearly is recommended★

Pretty frill bag

Pretty frill bag

Frill bag 3,229 yen

Rainy day is over and at last is turn of spring clothes (¨ ̮)♡

The best recommended product fitting in spring is this frill bag! !
o sure to get prettiness doubling with one this item - *^ ▽ ^*)o
(^O^) abundant as for black, beige, khaki and the color!

Give visit in shop of by all means; \ (^^)/ ☆*. .

Spring coordinates☆

Spring coordinates☆

Tops 3,229 yen
Gaucho 5,389 yen

It is refreshing coordination in gauchos of stripe for sign of spring Topps♫
Gaucho of stripe is excellent at legendary man with long legs effect!
As there are different colors, please come to see to index☆

Recommended styling♪

Recommended styling♪

Tops 3,229 yen
Skirt 5,389 yen

It is recommendation styling received in new item♪
(≧∇≦) which this Tulle skirt is what reversible and can use
It is almighty item which you can use as pleated skirt!
Give visit in shop of by all means; ... ♪ 'θ ` - no


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