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INDEX (INDEX) /grove (glove) /world basic (world basic)

Feeling select type store INDEX trendy for woman who wants to enjoy lifestyle like oneself to suggest item which there is.
We make lineup from apparel to miscellaneous goods mainly on original brand "INDEX" widely.

News from INDEX

kyun and PRICE!

kyun and PRICE!

The latest products are received at reasonable price.
We have product which you can wear right now.

New product introduction of INDEX

Latest Tops♪

Latest Tops♪

Tops 2,581 yen

It is introduction of Tops which you can use for a long time now over the early spring (^ ω ^)
This Tops of impression that seems to be pretty in silhouette which is flare softly,
You can wear slit of side with one piece with point smartly♪
Look by all means in shop!

Popular bag…

Popular bag…

The tote small with charm 3,661 yen

Popular bags were received with new color of sign of spring every year!
Even if this bag is called anything, lightness is recommended☆
As there is width well, a lot of baggage enters, too!

As you offer size difference to contain A4, please come to see by all means!

New item ☆Bijoux knit☆

New item ☆Bijoux knit☆

Bijoux knit 3,229 yen

Index, a lot of latest products are available! We introduce bijoux knit of one push in that ☆The neck is clogged up, and soft design of sleeve is pretty warmly (^^); all four colors including yellow of trendy KOLOR ☆Please come to see!

Spring color ☆New item styling♪

Spring color ☆New item styling♪

Tops 3,229 yen
Pants 5,389 yen

Wonderful new works of KOLOR are received slightly in spring♪
It is spring KOLOR styling that matches light gray with mustard KOLOR, and is refreshing (^ ω ^)
Look by all means in shop♪

The latest rucksack♪

The latest rucksack♪

Rucksack 5,389 yen

Rucksacks of a feeling of moderate size that was not too small without being light, and being too big were received!
There is a lot of storing and becomes design silhouette which is easy to have you use♪

Look by all means in shop (^ ω ^)♪

The latest pastel color knit☆

The latest pastel color knit☆

Bottleneck puff sleeve knit 4,309 yen

We show cute feeling that we arranged roughly! All four colors including Pastel pink trendy as for KOLOR in this term ★It is design of bottleneck which there was to neck! Please drop in at index by all means☆

Latest Tops♪

Latest Tops♪

Tops 4,309 yen

It is introduction of the latest product♪
Tops which is easy to have you use without being simple, and choosing bottoms is available!
You can put together with pants, both skirts without being too long without a feeling of length being too short♪
Size offers three colors of KOLOR in development in M. large size!


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Closed days ※Sunday, January 1 is closed day.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00


〒542-0076 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

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