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Room of AMPHI

Room of AMPHI
Room of AMPHI

Room of AMPHI
Underwear, miscellaneous goods
10:00 - 21:00

AMPHI is select store of underwear. If there is underwear person in search of various taste & items for sense such as select store of clothes. AMPHI came out of such a pleasant idea. Of new inner wear store which is pretty, but is found is new form AMPHI.

News from Room of AMPHI

Bra which we want absolutely this summer!

Bra which we want absolutely this summer!

Long-awaited strapless Bra comes up from burajienikku from April 13 when we kept waiting. Comfort which it is hard to slip off though it is strapless, and bust make can play though it is wireless
Furthermore, it is offered 2TYPE of simple type and lace type that is stylish even if seen with lace specifications that we can match with various clothes. Please try at store

Underwear industry's first collaboration

Underwear industry's first collaboration

March 9 release! Such she and AMPHI are underwear industry's first collaboration "Fujiko Mine" of wit and beauty to have wisdom to toss about Lupin while being considered to be Muses of "perfect body" more than generation! !
We want to become bust like Fujiko! Grammar Rich Bra which can make glamourous valley comes up♪
Please come to the store in main building 2F "Room of AMPHI"♪

New product introduction of Room of AMPHI

Latest roomware

Latest roomware

Series of cotton 100 which seems to be cool of popularity is the arrival every year!

Saving is dressed up judging from a feeling of solid dough♪♪
It is orthodox design, but is silhouette to see like girl!

Using piping KOLOR and embroidery, we finished in image color of refreshing early summer.

It is dress and two types of preparation.
We check by all means at store! !

Bra of splash

Bra of splash

Bra of splash of reckoning feeling that is light so as to be said to be three strawberries is the arrival♪

We make bust silhouette with natural Marumi.
The support is one piece makeup of stretch Russell lace♪

By full coverage-style design, he/she directs decollete more beautifully moderately!

Of lace seem to be vain; coloring of translucent impression and expression that is some ennui in total. Please see by all means at store!

Bra which we want absolutely this summer!

Bra which we want absolutely this summer!

Strapless type comes up from functional Bra, BRAGENIC of the patent acquisition in WACOAL!

☆Though it is wireless, we make bust!
☆Though it is strapless, it is hard to slip off!
☆Because it is BRAGENIC, tsukegokochi is comfortable!

Strapless Bra which both tsukegokochito bust make has realized♪♪

It is easy to use for trendy clothes and is good in coming season!
Please see by all means at store!

We play an active part in various scenes!

We play an active part in various scenes!

To silhouette which is round in charge account feeling, nature which mold cup with thickness adjusts to bust moderately, and are comfortable♪

Even step in to wear from foot OK's either even if fogged from the top!

Even if lace of feminine shoulder shows, discerning sewing being aware of outer wear is point cutely, too.

As side part is wide, it is recommended at the age of clothes which opened of the side!

Back refreshing silhouette!

Back refreshing silhouette!

Smoothing Bra of a lot of inquiries is the arrival!

As you can show step of curious side - back clearly, it is good in season worn light clothes♪

For light reckoning feeling, we can make valley softly, too.
It is hard to affect outer wear with lace specifications and offers basic white, black, green of summer adult KOLOR♪

It is required brassiere this summer!

Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra

Sorry to have kept you waiting! It is good in coming season, and strapless Bra which obtains, and comes true as for the prevention to get a glimpse of of valley is the arrival♪♪

It is recommendation that toss eyelash lace which there is sense of quality from outer wear. Even if because there is hook in side, show from back; GOOD!

Please see by all means at store. ※It is with strap


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Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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