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Room of AMPHI

Room of AMPHI
Room of AMPHI

Room of AMPHI
Underwear, miscellaneous goods
10:00 - 21:00

AMPHI is select store of underwear. If there is underwear person in search of various taste & items for sense such as select store of clothes. AMPHI came out of such a pleasant idea. Of new inner wear store which is pretty, but is found is new form AMPHI.

News from Room of AMPHI

New item burajienikku♪♪

New item burajienikku♪♪

The latest design of burajienikku is the arrival from 2018 autumn collection
Pretty, light lingerie which flowers draw.

Furthermore, wine red KOLOR drawing charm of woman from popular design of antique green and embroidery of new color like autumn from basic simple type is received one after another.

Please see burajienikkukorekushon of taking in advance in main building 2F Room of AMPHI in autumn by all means

Quite popular grammar Rich♪♪

Quite popular grammar Rich♪♪

Grammar Rich series that release was hasty in response to voice from customer was received from today! 
We express image to reflect back like stained glass shiningly by embroidery of wide swing and draw charm of woman who is mode.
Five functionality is valley series using incorporation pat!
Pat catches chest and makes the plump volume from appearances!
Furthermore, minimaizabura is released by the design, too!

Summer Bra feature

Summer Bra feature

Bandeau type that good Bra takes off lineup strap in Room of AMPHI abundantly in summer and is usable or smoothing types to hang on type that is hard to be stuffy even if the cup inside breaks a sweat by mesh processing, back - side, and to show silhouette of clothes clearly using breadth under are various and offer♪
Popular front hook Bra will enjoy fashion with Bra during the arrival this summer every year in summer of AMPHI

swim wear collection

swim wear collection

To swimming wear of with wire flare design popular every year which season of swimming wear did and bustier bikini using trendy Leef print, we offer variation including high waist bikini pants wealthily this year
Furthermore! Swimming wear of AMPHI is top and bottom pair freedom! We can make swimming wear to own preference!
Let's make summer memory with swimming wear of AMPHI this year by all means

Regular price new product introduction of Room of AMPHI

Handy series

Handy series

It is introduction of affordable price Bra♪
It is design which imaged starlit sky of perfect score of New Zealand! Central star-shaped charm glittering shiningly points♪

Size is preparation to G cup, too.

Price is reasonable, too and is recommended to PLUS ONE!
We check by all means at store!

Grammar Rich Bra

Grammar Rich Bra

New item designs of much-talked-about grammar Rich Bra were received once when we attached when we could make beautiful valley!

Group which expressed beauty of embroidery lace in monotone to the maximum♪
Impressive scallop shell which shines shiningly by burying a certain luster embroidery thread and combination of line drawing-like embroidery light in contrast are points☆

Valley by all means ideal with grammar Rich Bra of AMPHI. Do you not make?♪

New product introduction out of Sale of Room of AMPHI

Popular combination♪

Popular combination♪

KAL056 5,940 yen ⇒ Sale price 4,752 yen PAL256 4,536 yen ⇒ Sale price 3,628 yen

Swimming wear of AMPHI is combination freedom♪
We introduce popular combination in that!

It is sure to get that we become more attractive with swimming wear with pretty frill, PalmTree print in beach◎
Pink bikini shorts getting a lot of looks suddenly raise stylish feeling more; and good!

Swimming wears sold out are received again one after another!
Beach is swimming wear of AMPHI by all means,♪♪

Popular KOLOR!

Popular KOLOR!

Front hook Bra BYL350 4,536 yen ⇒ Sale price 2,721 yen Shorts PYL150 2,268 yen ⇒ Sale price 1,360 yen

Front hook Bra is received from KOLOR in summer of adult!

It is easy to put on because it is front hook♪♪
As it is done strap, cross type is good to opened clothes of back, too!
Of course we have a cute seshitemo to get a glimpse of from transparent clothes.

Even if we do strap in conformity to clothes straight◎

As it is quite popular product, come to store early by all means!


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TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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