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Room of AMPHI

Room of AMPHI
Room of AMPHI

Room of AMPHI
Underwear, miscellaneous goods
10:00 - 21:00

AMPHI is select store of underwear. If there is underwear person in search of various taste & items for sense such as select store of clothes. AMPHI came out of such a pleasant idea. Of new inner wear store which is pretty, but is found is new form AMPHI.

News from Room of AMPHI

Bra of splash

Bra of splash

New color is addition from Bra of quite popular splash♪♪
Light bust silhouette which arrive, and has natural roundness for feeling.

Until feeling, it is light softly. KOLOR story of rouge red
It is KOLOR letting you brighten me when it is special.

Please see by all means at store♪

Wacoal BRA Recycle

Wacoal BRA Recycle

We are distributing Bra recycling back now! Bra recycling of Wacoal which began with voice of woman to "be hard to throw away Bra." We have you approve of women many as activity that can balance consideration to environment with feeling that "it is hard to abandon" by recycling Bra in eco-friendly energy fuel.
If find Bra which became old, Bra which did not fit, is not at a loss; to shop of Wacoal.
Payback is 2018.12/1 - 2019.3/31

Novelty present

Novelty present

AMPHI X Chiaki Ito special novelty present♪♪ 
We present lingerie pouch by the customer first arrival of purchase more than 10,000 yen (tax-excluded) including grammar Rich Bra (BYL390) to release from October 26 or Bra (BYL490) of splash♪♪

You are in a limited quantity, and please come early by all means♪

HELLO glama - Rich

HELLO glama - Rich

October 26 release! !
Quite popular grammar Rich volume up types are finally received!

Cover model is Chiaki Ito♪♪

We perform incorporation (patent 4585281st) of three types of power cushions different in thickness on the cup back and make sexy valley clearly!
Four colors of KOLOR is development!

Please try at store.

I am Takamori.

I am Takamori.

October 5 debut! ! Wireless Bra BRAGENIC+ (burajienikkupurasu) to be able to pile well joins BRAGENIC series
It is brassiere which is good to woman who wants to pile bust easily well.
Do you not make bust in the bloom of gugutto High School with wireless?

New product introduction of Room of AMPHI



Popular Christmas Collection was received this year!

To embroidery lace reflecting the image of snow crystal which poured into winter night sky
Using lam thread shining shiningly, we direct the bare skin gorgeously.

Total lace that mood rises as for the shorts of side ribbon.
Design only by AMPHI which sexiness does not forget though we are pretty◎

Please feel Christmas at store

Lux group

Lux group

Lux group is the arrival in the second floor of the main building Room of AMPHI.

Stone which glitters of elegant, elegant embroidery and strap
He/she adds brightness such as winter starlit sky

We offer matching camisole in set◉
Series which is lux that we want to wear on special day.

Bust support

Bust support

While we sleep, we support bust♪

In stabilizing bust easily at appropriate position
There become few discomfort and jitters of bust during sleep
We invite to comfortable sleep.

We offer design abundantly♪
Do you not begin night new custom?



Popular mall horizontal stripes group comes up♪
Balance of plain fabric part and horizontal stripe part is design of point.
We were particular about pattern to see in a good balance!

Spacious line which is good to relaxation thyme.
Coordinates with socks and leggings are recommended, too♪

Warm underwear

Warm underwear

It is appearance of new color from warm underwear popular every year!
Comfort which we knit the chest warmly and can adjust difference condition to with ribbon in moisture absorption fever material♪♪

Basic black, KOLOR of white have offering.
Warm inner will enjoy fashion, too!

Look at curious one in the second floor of the main building Room of AMPHI☆



In the second floor of the main building Room of AMPHI, popular cable print roomware is available this year♪

We are relaxed by plump soft feel heartily warmly♪♪

Stylish dress type and type of top and bottom set
We offered this!
It is good to present♪

Please see by all means at store.

Grammar Rich Bra

Grammar Rich Bra

Chiaki Ito X AMPHI

Under the grammar Rich Bra arrival to make rich valley!
KOLOR is 4 KOLOR including GR of trend color, too♪♪

Song that shorts were particular about design
Design shorts of total lace that back is stylish
Normal that it does not matter in the scene and is easy to use
And we have to matching sanitary shorts!

Please get early at store!

Bra of splash

Bra of splash

Brush Leeds of splash which is popular among the second floor of the main building Room of AMPHI is the arrival♪

Brassiere of function to fix of light reckoning feeling as if we wear feather.
We make a certain natural Marumi bust silhouette.

By delicate eyelash lace errand, we expressed lightness as a feeling of omission.
One piece of cup is full coverage-style design of lace
He/she directs decollete beautifully♪

Chiaki Ito X AMPHI

Chiaki Ito X AMPHI

In longed-for "grammar Rich" making the sexy chest clearly
Brassiere of volume up type making glamourous valley.

It is delicate and combines Jyr with lightness with high-quality eyelash race
We used from cup luxuriously over base, back and pulled and expressed feeling and lightness♪

Please try at store!


Store 10:00 - 21:00 Gourmet 10:00 - 22:00 ※Some stores open early in the morning and close late at night.
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Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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