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When is good quality that featured the theme of rich "shabishikku" in Yumi; accessories & jewelry brand of adult with warmth. We offer wide lineup that we put together in various situation that adult woman including thing that it is simple and is of good quality which usually uses, and is made, high thing of design that we want to bring when we want to be dressed up on special day has. It is store which wants to go to visit special gift for senses to open DRESSER and chest at all such as long shot necklaces of pearl which we want to bring in the body as stone item, pointoakuse such as diamonds which we want to take from delicate, delicate daily item which we want to buy for oneself every day.

New product introduction of Lemontree

... INDEX ring ...

... INDEX ring ...

Right hand forefinger ... concentration, acting power
Positive left hand forefinger ...; is forward

How about for beginning of new age?

Hoop pierced earrings

Hoop pierced earrings

We brush up simple coordination womanly!

Hoop pierced earrings of Swarovski matching any style.
We raise beautiful woman degree and create gaiety to the clothing a lot richly☆

... mirror ball bracelet ...

... mirror ball bracelet ...

K10 pink gold 12,960 yen K10 yellow gold 12,960 yen

Show smile unintentionally whenever we look at hand incidentally, is lovely, shining patronizes femininity more!

It is pretty that end charm is heart♡

Does warmth not adopt felt color taste simply because it is cold season?

Pearl pierced earrings

Pearl pierced earrings

Pierced earrings 7,344 yen

We are selected with pierced earrings if we enjoy winter fashion!

Pierced earrings in such a case large ... that it is hard to see neck with stole and muffler are ◎!!
Pearl pierced earrings of refined brightness add bloom to fashion of adult kindly♪
Do not insist at the time of commuting too much either, on off day for accent.

How about the latest trendy pierced earrings which are usable in any scene?

... X - mas model ...

... X - mas model ...

Throbbing Xmas-limited model

It is ... with smile in there that opened box♡

We raise moon ... "femininity" "growth, development" intelligence and raise charm of woman
Effect improves heart motif sent by happy "family and lover of heart ..." eternity more

Which motif do you give? ? ?

Horse's hoof motif

Horse's hoof motif

Necklace 16,200 yen

"Horse's hoof motif" of Lucky item taking happiness

Brightness that men's-like design and adult are rich creates woman whom parenthesis is good for☆

Hearty size and length put on relaxedly are good to winter clothes!
Let's enjoy winter fashion by all means♪

... teardrop ...

... teardrop ...

Necklace 19,440 yen

For femininity that is dignified in refined & Rich…

Necklace of teardrop form of feminine curve.
White sapphire shaking casually at the center accentuates and adds elegance♪

et clatmil - e kuramiru

et clatmil - e kuramiru

Cute accent that adult is casual, and is put on in the body☆

It is point to be worn regardless of the generation as it is a feeling of size and classical atmosphere that it is easy to use♬

Design making an outstanding performance as daily jewelry is good to present!

... Christmas Collection

... Christmas Collection

Necklace 30,240 yen

Necklace of moon motif using royal blue moonstone which treats diamond luxuriously, and has high rarity.

Diamond…Symbol "of bond of" eternity
Moonstone…Stone of lovers - stone conveying love

It is recommended to present to important one☆

New Arrival - snowy crystal ...

New Arrival - snowy crystal ...

Necklace 15,120 yen

New item that is good in coming season is lineup!
We have atmosphere with winter article which vain snowy crystal melting into is not only pretty in the sky, and is dignified with us♪

Design with feelings adds femininity to the chest☆

... accessory and LIN-KU coordination ...

... accessory and LIN-KU coordination ...

Is hand dressed up?
Coordinates that linked star of ring to clutch bag☆

Do you not send individuality by brightness without putting on airs too much at hand?

Monotone X silver

Monotone X silver

Ring 15,120 yen Bangle 31,320 yen

If upgrading drags simple monotone coordination, shirubaakuse is recommended!

By design which can last casually although being refined form with movement of fashion accentuate☆

He/she gives trendy feeling by the bold volume♪

... Horse Shoes

... Horse Shoes

Necklace 30,240 yen

Horse's hoof motif which is lucky charm of good luck!

Twist is made on metal mask in reversible of diamond and metal,
We have design and simplicity.

A moderate feeling of size and brightness of rich GOLD let you mistake everyday fashion surely☆

New Arrival

New Arrival

Series ... which had prettiness and ... beauty

Because it is basic and is refined, we want to put on even every day!
Slightly classic atmosphere raises coordinates☆

Cross necklace

Cross necklace

Pair necklace of cross motif which imaged time when two people who walked different course crossed.

2WAY specifications that we can use design of cool metal and shining design properly by feeling.

Voluminous feel that is good so as not to lose winter clothes is good in coming season♬


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