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When is good quality that is elegant, and featured the theme of rich "shabishikku"; accessories & jewelry brand of adult with warmth. We offer wide lineup that we put together in various situation that adult woman including thing that it is simple and is of good quality which usually uses, and is made, high thing of design that we want to bring when we want to do dress-up on special day has.
It is store which wants to go to visit special gift for senses to open DRESSER and chest at all such as long shot necklaces of pearl which we want to bring in the body as stone item, pointoakuse such as diamonds which we want to take from delicate, delicate daily item which we want to buy for oneself every day.

New product introduction of Lemontree

Summer coordinates

Summer coordinates

The weekend is 3 consecutive holidays! There is Marine Day, too and is almost summer!

Silver coordinates to collect bright turquoise suggesting the sea and summer strong sunlight.
Affinity with colorful Tops is perfect☆

We coordinate summeriness perfect score, and let's go for the sea and event♪

Inlay ring

Inlay ring

White 16,200 yen Pink 14,040 yen Blue 14,040 yen

Ring which it gets into eyes at just moment at hand.

KOLOR stone like summer creates refreshing feel.

Beauty color such as bright KOLOR, Pastel is popular particularly this season!
We adopt beauty color, and let's enjoy fashion more in the summer (^o^)/

... men - s anklet ...

... men - s anklet ...

Anklet 5,724 yen

Is casual in roll-up of denim; "se" to get a glimpse

Item to give life to simply because it is season when ankle peeps out!
It is charm that fashion level is raised casually☆

It is loss when we do not wear in the present season☺

Streamlined pierced earrings

Streamlined pierced earrings

K10 pierced earrings 24,840 yen

"Streamline" that there is voluptuousness slightly

We put curve and straight line together, and design is left in impression very much though it is simple.

We can become kiri and sharp profile beautiful woman☆

New Arrival - one line ...

New Arrival - one line ...

Necklace 16,200 yen Bracelet 16,200 yen

Item which seems to be summer shiningly!
There is refreshing feel and is good in coming season♪

Completeness of coordinates only costs only this remarkably↑↑

Ring lei yard

Ring lei yard

It is ... by coordinates like oneself

It is one of the pleasure to gather one by one.
Charm increases whenever we repeat and can express quality of oneself♪

Hand coordinates

Hand coordinates

Silver ring 8,640 yen Silver bracelet 8,640 yen

Do indispensable accessories want to prepare design various in total in feeling of the day to add activeness to coordinates?

For accent of clothes which are simple when we coordinate five rings not to yield to the volume of press let!

When we choose one which can enjoy stylish hand coordination, how about?

Watermarks pierced earrings

Watermarks pierced earrings

Champagne gold coating pierced earrings 5,940 yen

Prettiness that adult is put on in the body is popular!

Design full of pretty charm meets person putting on in the body for happy feeling☆

Inlay coordinates

Inlay coordinates

Pierced earrings 9,720 yen Ring 30,240 yen

Refreshing coordinates that blow off dampness of the rainy season↑↑

Season of the rainy season when it is depressed just to think…
But it is sure that rainy day becomes long in coming just to put on cool KOLOR stone, thing♪

Horse's hoof leather breath pair

Horse's hoof leather breath pair

men - s breath 16,200 yen ladies breath 15,660 yen

Pair bracelet which we want to put on right now♡

Voluptuousness is added to men's-like design for a feeling of luster of silver, and casual appearance is balanced with adultness!

As it is five colors of development of navy black white brown red, he/she plays an active part in both the same color and different colors as matching bracelet♪

K10 pearl necklace

K10 pearl necklace

June Birthday Stone

Pearl necklace which is pretty and charms beautifully.
As it is added and both casual formal, you can take in for the usual clothing casually☆

It is recommended to gift on birthday of June♪

K18 mirror ball pierced earrings

K18 mirror ball pierced earrings

Sense up aesthetic with gold jewelry!

Though we want to be particular about good-quality thing, I want usable thing realistically!
Item in response to voice of such an adult woman.

Is not too serious with elegance that is not affected too much; is feeling properly,
Affinity is good for any fashion and can enjoy various coordination☆

Indian jewelry coordinates

Indian jewelry coordinates

Indian jewelry which lets spice work

Durability, all are one point things with faces various in difference in delicate color.
As for the joy to come across one's color and design which we liked,
It is one of the ways of enjoying Indian jewelry☆

en voyage - Ann Voyage ...

en voyage - Ann Voyage ...

Ring 9,720 yen Bangle 41,040 yen

In impression of refined adult…

Attack difference by design which there are odd quirks; at hand impact!
It is one of the items which we want to challenge in this season☆

Silver pierced earrings

Silver pierced earrings

Series for adult woman valuing "quality of oneself."

Basic thing likes both clothes and shoes.
But do you not sometimes feel lacking something?
It is this to be recommended for such you!

A feeling of luster only by silver and beautiful form let you feel room of adult!
It is recommended to put on to casual & Rich with denim☆


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