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When is good quality that is elegant, and featured the theme of rich "shabishikku"; accessories & jewelry brand of adult with warmth. We offer wide lineup that we put together in various situation that adult woman including thing that it is simple and is of good quality which usually uses, and is made, high thing of design that we want to bring when we want to do dress-up on special day has. It is store which wants to go to visit special gift for senses to open DRESSER and chest at all such as long shot necklaces of pearl which we want to bring in the body as stone item, pointoakuse such as diamonds which we want to take from delicate, delicate daily item which we want to buy for oneself every day.

New product introduction of Lemontree

New Arrival

New Arrival

Series ... which had prettiness and ... beauty

Because it is basic and is refined, we want to put on even every day!
Slightly classic atmosphere raises coordinates☆

Cross necklace

Cross necklace

Pair necklace of cross motif which imaged time when two people who walked different course crossed.

2WAY specifications that we can use design of cool metal and shining design properly by feeling.

Moderate voluminous feel not to lose winter clothes is good in coming season♬

Christmas model - jewelry ... to give you who shine

Christmas model - jewelry ... to give you who shine

Exquisite Balance of femininity and prettiness is attractive.
Reversible design which can enjoy expression different in the right side and the wrong side is put on widely in every scene♪
It is jewelry which there wants to be always together until office-style - date.

Under Wednesday, November 1 - release

Jewelry which snuggles up to daily life

Jewelry which snuggles up to daily life

The right 21,600 yen The left 21,600 yen

Curvilinear silhouette is ... in impression that it is gentle-looking and is elegant
Slightly relaxed adult-like design which it is easy to put on in daily is attractive☆

Ear jacket

Ear jacket

We add slightly feminine item to styling that is mode!

We show cute setting of stone which formed a line rhythmically♪

Arrive and take off charm parts, and the scene and feeling can enjoy different style of image in total as it is possible☺

Silver X opal

Silver X opal

It is casual than beautiful yori is cute!
But ... that after all femininity is indispensable
It is opal item of silver material to be recommended in such one!

In atmosphere that is slightly elegant though we match with knit ... usual style to denim lightly and are casual☆

In style to the scene and feeling.

Autumn silver coordinates

Autumn silver coordinates

Ring 12,960 yen Bangle 10,584 yen

Aim suha "has better parenthesis" than "we are pretty"

It is excellent at affinity with rider suit!
It is ... with coolness with spicy silver more

We can give natural atmosphere if particular about material and design☆

Autumn coordination

Autumn coordination

The present season when clothes of dark color increase and are apt to be for one tone coordinates…

We will acquire the circumference and difference with good motif necklace in season to deepen!

Jewelry which colors autumn

Jewelry which colors autumn

K10 necklace 23,760 yen

... which plays an active part in the scene where designs that ... adult is chic are various

Good GOLD of skin familiarity makes skin of woman look beautiful, and there is sex appeal in the feminine inside casually.

It is right or wrong ... for the autumn clothing that is lady

October Birthday Stone

October Birthday Stone

Pierced earrings 17,280 yen

Stone opal of good luck having very bright energy.

Expression to shake though it is simple is woman-like!
He/she achieves both feeling and fashion just to put on↑↑↑

Ear caph

Ear caph

Seasonal clothes from now come to have heavy feeling of dough and color taste.
Therefore item giving off presence as one point is recommended☆

How about ear caph to let you work gorgeously, and to insist on at the ear?

... grace - pierced earrings

... grace - pierced earrings

Pierced earrings 10,800 yen

Silver that brightness stands out in simple coordination!

Half hoop pierced earrings drawing slow curve on have atmosphere and are somewhat seen smartly☆

Bold design works for the autumn clothing!



Design which impacts are enough for is mannerism cancellation in one!
Hit presence of leading role grade; of fashion accentuate☆



Refined, neat and clean nowadays pearl.

It is ... with atmosphere that makes a friend of pretty item, and is lady

Mat Goldring

Mat Goldring

The top 15,120 yen Bottom 5,400 yen

"Mat" is feeling this autumn!

It is ... with Nuance which is classic for coordinates


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