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When is good quality that featured the theme of rich "shabishikku" in Yumi; accessories & jewelry brand of adult with warmth. We offer wide lineup that we put together in various situation that adult woman including thing that it is simple and is of good quality which usually uses, and is made, high thing of design that we want to bring when we want to be dressed up on special day has. It is store which wants to go to visit special gift for senses to open DRESSER and chest at all such as long shot necklaces of pearl which we want to bring in the body as stone item, pointoakuse such as diamonds which we want to take from delicate, delicate daily item which we want to buy for oneself every day.

New product introduction of Lemontree

New Arrival - pairing ...

New Arrival - pairing ...

Ring - the left 11,880 yen Ring - the right 11,880 yen

Pairing of impression that is stylish like adult.

We use stone of our restaurant original that color trades rich blue sapphire with kind of light to ladies' ring to men's ring!

New Arrival - necklace ...

New Arrival - necklace ...

K10 necklace 30,240 yen

[he/she raises femininity, intelligence] Lucky charm motif which is good to adult woman.

Round gentle form is glossy beautifully in the face circumference!

Pearl coordination

Pearl coordination

Pierced earrings 5,184 yen Necklace 15,660 yen

Accessories on dressy day are these☑

He/she attaches feeling of luxury brightness to drift and refined accent.

Chancette - beautifulness set ...

Chancette - beautifulness set ...

Ring 11,880 yen Necklace 12,960 yen Pierced earrings 12,960 yen

Good impression is ... with opal of moderate size♡

Form with roundness individualizes femininity more around♪

Ring X necklace

Ring X necklace

K10 necklace 30,240 yen Silver ring 14,580 yen

We add delicate necklace to bold ring although being simple!

We are strongly finished in atmosphere that is adult♪

Gold-collar - bangle ...

Gold-collar - bangle ...

If acquire difference smartly; at hand accessories!

If it is gold-collar, bangle which summer image resists is good in autumn/winter.

Pearl necklace♡

Pearl necklace♡

Pearl necklace which creates lovely mature style!

Sweetness and exquisite Balance of of superior grade improve femininity♡

K18 - white topaz ...

K18 - white topaz ...

K18 X white topaz

If is particular about material and stone, to refined adult lady☆

Do you not put on good-quality accessories in the body in the fall and winter?

SV choker

SV choker

SV necklace 14,904 yen

It is recommended to dressy casual group!

If want to direct something fashion, choker with venetian chain♡♡

★2018 X - mas model★

★2018 X - mas model★

Necklace - the left 14,580 yen Necklace - the right 14,580 yen

Shooting star X moon motif which happy feeling is sublimed into just to wear!

Beautiful jewelry surely brightens you still more♡

*2way specifications to be able to enjoy different brightness
*Two phases of length adjustment of 37cm and 40cm is possible

Today 11/1 - release (limited number of)

... SV bangle ...

... SV bangle ...

SV bangle 39,960 yen

It is ... to KOLOR knit in shirubaakuse

Even if wrist is slightly hard, it is OK!
Bangle with impact tightens coordinates☆

... hoop pierced earrings ...

... hoop pierced earrings ...

SV pierced earrings 14,040 yen

Hoop pierced earrings with many already people you have.

Design facing the front is recommended if we always enjoy different atmosphere!

Trendy hoop pierced earrings turn into fresh impression☆★


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