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When is good quality that featured the theme of rich "shabishikku" in Yumi; accessories & jewelry brand of adult with warmth. We offer wide lineup that we put together in various situation that adult woman including thing that it is simple and is of good quality which usually uses, and is made, high thing of design that we want to bring when we want to be dressed up on special day has. It is store which wants to go to visit special gift for senses to open DRESSER and chest at all such as long shot necklaces of pearl which we want to bring in the body as stone item, pointoakuse such as diamonds which we want to take from delicate, delicate daily item which we want to buy for oneself every day.

New product introduction of Lemontree

Silver pierced earrings

Silver pierced earrings

Silver pierced earrings which drop that it was said that it is soft and full of the tip features.

Individual design shows good sense although being simple☆

Jewelry ... which colors ... autumn

Jewelry ... which colors ... autumn

K18 champagne gold coating necklace 11,880 yen

KOLOR jewelry which colors autumn

Rose quartz of symbol of love and gentleness♡

It is good necklace by mat finish in coming season♪

New Arrival

New Arrival

"Did pierced earrings which we always put on get tired a little?"

Such a case is + with charm!
We can enjoy different atmosphere just to put one point♪

Indian jewelry pierced earrings

Indian jewelry pierced earrings

Silver pierced earrings 7,560 yen

Detail and pink of calm color taste to look good with simply because it is adult woman.

He/she attaches loveliness to the autumn clothing.

K10 Eclat mill series

K10 Eclat mill series

Flower motif of antique lace which is good in autumn.

Soft form gives elegant impression♪

Necklace and pierced earrings, set errand are wonderful, too☆

Opal necklace

Opal necklace

K18 champagne gold coating necklace 20,520 yen

Size, opal necklace of design one hundred perfect score.

In coming season when the clothing of dark color increases, he/she makes an outstanding performance as accent color◎

K18 ring

K18 ring

I want jewelry of the things throughout the life soon!
It is K18 ring to be recommended to such a person

One diamond shines elegantly and finishes to high-quality money☆

New Arrival - ear caph ...

New Arrival - ear caph ...

new arrival

It is ear caph that person of pierced earrings group can enjoy person of earrings group♪

When match with pierced earrings and earrings you have; is ◎! more gorgeously

... bracelet ...

... bracelet ...

Bracelet of sutarizeshirizu where color turns into with kind of light☆★

Stone and cutting ball to glisten shiningly cost money gorgeously♪


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