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The most imminent stylish shoes update "we are pretty" at kichintomade Happy price from relaxation like now

New product introduction of JELLY BEANS

Metal fittings buckle flat pumps <Riche>

Metal fittings buckle flat pumps <Riche>

Metal fittings buckle flat pumps <Riche> 9,300 yen

Pointed toe pumps of impression that metal fittings buckle is adult. We were particular about detail with satin material of a feeling of metal fittings which were mat which held down luster and refined luster, trendy python print. Polish design which is popular among commuting-style. Pad holding heel softly includes and wears, and, using artificial leather which is soft for inner, feeling is item which improved rank, too.

Delicate strap pumps

Delicate strap pumps

Delicate strap pumps 8,800 yen

Flat pumps of delicate strap and impression that pointed toe is adult clearly. In impression natural with low heel that we toss. Combination of different fabrics which turned material of heel is appearance of fashion vanity. We wore with pad which held heel softly, and, using artificial leather suede which was tender for inner, feeling improved rank, too.

Mini-metal fittings ribbon pumps <fuwasara>

Mini-metal fittings ribbon pumps <fuwasara>

Mini-metal fittings ribbon pumps <fuwasara> 7,500 yen

new pumps of impression that small metal fittings ribbon is lovely mature. It is appearance with variation of light dough material like spring and summer and plaid of beauty-colored mix KOLOR ☆ We play an active part in solid-looking heel for both daily use and commuting attending school. It is recommended item which we wear, and feeling upgraded with popular "fuwasara" specifications.

Square V cut flat <Riche>

Square V cut flat <Riche>

Square V cut flat <Riche> 8,500 yen

Popular square toe flat comes up in JELLY BEANS Riche ♪ We balance stylish feeling and beautiful leg vanity with trendy square toe in V cutline charming underfoot clearly. Is light by software; wear, and feeling is attractive item, too. We wore with pad which held heel softly, and, using artificial leather which was soft for inner, feeling improved rank, too.

Side-opening cut pumps

Side-opening cut pumps

Side-opening cut pumps 7,300 yen

Cutting pumps of side-opening to be able to show foot neatly. Popular item is appearance in the spring and summer ♪ kitunhiru of 4cm that had walkability and style up. He/she plays an active part in appearance to look have good article from work use widely to the scene in occasion. It is "fuwasara" which we wear, and feeling upgraded series☆

Penny loafers <fuwasara>

Penny loafers <fuwasara>

Penny loafers <fuwasara> 7,300 yen

In quite popular nofuwasara series, trendy penny loafers design debuts. We wear and play a soft part for commuting attending school in feeling and easy flat fuwasarano. Let alone wide pants which are daily, it is one pair that it is easy to add from mannish slacks to feminine skirt. Item that we wear, and fuwasarana is popular with feelings♪


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