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Fortune of this month2018/11/1 - 11/30


Aquarius - 1/20 - 2/18

Individual group which is one's own pace.
Hardhead who sticks to self-will.
[whole luck]

Fair wind blows generally. New challenge will be high in probability of success. Of high
Challenge even hurdle with confidence. Drastic action seems to be pointed. Initiative
It will not become trouble, huh, if machete grasps well either. There is suggestion of incidental income.
It is reward to you that we usually try hard.

[romance luck]

You will hold initiative of love. It is the secret of success not to leave to partner.

Cream yellow
Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★★

Pisces - 2/19 - 3/20

Artist who is romanticist.
Weakness that we cannot refuse is sometimes wound.
[whole luck]

It is recommendation to do drastic choice if we have been thinking for a long time. We acquire experience and put up
Hesitation seems to disappear if we focus on teikukotoo. Environmental change will act on plus. Room
We seem to be able to restart just to redecorate of this. Fortune appeared in the natural phenomena that the boss and senior can be entertained with
We do in this. We will sometimes behave like a baby.

[romance luck]

It will prevent you from judging including rumor and thought. Take care so that it is not spread in the mood.

Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★★

Libra - 9/23 - 10/23

There is sociability, and making a living in the world is good.
It is sensitive to the fashion and likes fashion.
[whole luck]

We will handle the very front tight. When is preoccupied with the future too much; Kareless
We seem to fail by mistake. As we are filled with motivations, it is attention in misunderstanding and jumping to a misleading conclusion. Confirmation
Re-check well. Do you buy on impulse by window-shopping carelessly? Book
We consider whether our ni is necessary, and let's empty.

[romance luck]

You of natural posture are excellent at good sensitivity. We seem to be used to the appeal left side of the stage even if we do not think.

Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★

Virgo - 8/23 - 9/22

Romanticist who is delicate, and dreams.
Intellectual group good at calm judgement.
[whole luck]

One way or the other, we may be going to realize importance of words. Polite way of talking heart
We seem to be able to evade trouble by kicking. nisurukotohamochiro diligent as for the latter half of month by communication in particular
Hmm, carry out that you make plain for the conclusion thoroughly. Luck with money is quite well. We fixed our eyes on the future
We will think about investment and savings.

[romance luck]

We seem to want to take care in various ways. It is good luck to make body touch a little large.

Neon pink
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★★

Gemini - 5/21 - 6/20

Antenna catching the fashion is outstanding.
A sharp person sociable person.
[whole luck]

It is time not to advance as we thought. As much as you talk, are you at a loss? New chare
Hmm, the is premature. It is important we think slowly, and to advance at speed for oneself. Own strength solution
Let's spend time on chest. Luck with money is quite well. Gamble luck is tea for prize and scratch in being in good condition, too
It seems to lead to incidental income when we do range.

[romance luck]

It seems to be attracted by environmental different person. Overseas native place and one having a long life abroad are recommended.

Antique green
Work luck
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★★

Aries - 3/21 - 4/19

Character straight at acting power preeminence
But as for the gentle one side to include consideration.
[whole luck]

It is the chance arrival of step-up. Steady effort will play success. Big leap and sports
You do not think about taking ttoraito, and aim at thankless task. Even if have a hard time; the amount of future
Evaluation seems to be got. Experience and knowledge that we got do not betray you. We do balance of account activity
There seems to be perfect opportunity to review kkarito. Investment is good luck, too.

[romance luck]

There is relationship with immediate person. We do not notice charm? Old classmate is check required!

Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Taurus - 4/20 - 5/20

It is always oku smile leisurely with a smile.
It is unfussy young lady type.
[whole luck]

We will think about overall Balance well. We seem to be able to finally catch up with small failure.
What we get on to drift without being too much particular too much looks good. It is review suko in rule and work procedure
tode efficiency seems to improve. Big little invention; increase, and seem to lead to general improvement
We do in this. We use too many cards, and does it become pinch?

[romance luck]

It is blue without what we want to convey being connected well. Do not be going to tell forcibly.

Midnight blue
Work luck ★★
Romance luck
Luck with money ★★

Cancer - 6/21 - 7/22

Person of human empathy gentle at heart.
As for the one side that is passionate, and is person who gets lonely easily.
[whole luck]

We seem to be blessed with results that it is enough for to work by intuition without believing data too much. It is delicious with weak invitation
It is to watch out in story. Focus on particularly bad feeling. Do not become big trouble by prior measures; and finished
We seem to see. It seems to become keyword "somehow". There is suggestion of impulse buying this month. Strike
Reply cancellation will think about different method.

[romance luck]

Uneasiness is born from you not partner. When we decide that we believe?

Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money

Leo - 7/23 - 8/22

There is aspect that is weather person a little,
Born Queen who is loved by everybody.
[whole luck]

Can ups and downs of feeling be never positive intensely? This month of private
Enhancement will become power CHARGE. We are slightly suppressing work and are OK. In enjoying in the room
We are born and will be blessed with wonderful ideas. Do not be influenced by net information. Mind magu
reni seems to have possibilities to be nice by prize that we applied for.

[romance luck]

Communication with partner in bean. Gap of feeling seems to be filled up.

Blue lavender
Work luck
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Scorpius - 10/24 - 11/22

Is cool at a glance; cool, the true passion
Sexy person who hid inward.
[whole luck]

Mixing of public and private matters seems to raise drunkard bourgeois. It is not spread in feeling in particular on business side
Acquire sea urchin mind. What we think with the best of intentions and did can be to injure partner adversely.
Let's keep correspondence along rule in mind. Know whether discarded things in room are sold at high price unexpectedly
We are not precocious. Do you discover secret savings that you forgot?

[romance luck]

Be careful not to overstate selfishness. Is distance of heart born?

Wine red
Work luck ★★★
Romance luck
Luck with money ★★

Sagittarius - 11/23 - 12/21

We always demand stimulation,
Free spirit who is full of curiosity.
[whole luck]

Mode which is tired. We seem to lose confidence without doing well as much as we are going to do it well
Do. We will advance smoothly this month by borrowing hand of specialist. Number expense hakaka
Think that you ask professional for this. Do not do your best alone too much. nettoshoppin
As we seem to overbuy gu, it is to watch out.

[romance luck]

Let's obtain trust and relief by pleasant conversation. Let's do communication diligently.

Work luck
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money

Capricornus - 12/22 - 1/19

Hard worker who is honest with straightness.
Strong intelligent person of upward mobility.
[whole luck]

We match power of all and will jump over hurdle. When give priority to general success; good luck.
We should be able to fly higher than one if we value teamwork. For existing method
Cope with adaptation to circumstances without persisting. Root to success cannot be one. Luck with money is sluggish
Tendency. We will reduce useless expenditure.

[romance luck]

Is the reason why we are anxious that oneself has no confidence? Desire for exclusive possession with trouble.

Baby blue
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money
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