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Fortune of this month2018/4/1 - 4/30


Virgo - 8/23 - 9/22

Romanticist who is delicate, and dreams.
Intellectual group good at calm judgement.
[whole luck]

When steady effort is realized. It will be judged that we piled up steadily. New
As for the thing which starts learning and new hobby as it is timing to leave for the world
It becomes good stimulation. Being conscious of skill up for change of job. Luck with money is brisk.
Opportunities to be entertained seem to increase by drinking party.

[romance luck]

Chance of love! There seems to be relationship with older person. Courtesy is point.

Pearl pink
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★★

Aries - 3/21 - 4/19

Character straight at acting power preeminence
But as for the gentle one side to include consideration.
[whole luck]

It is fortune appeared in the natural phenomena that fair wind appropriate for the new year blew. Some hurdles are high in new environment, but it will bring you up. At first try to get neighboring atmospheres and rules well. For result to come to have no to spare, and to cause the worst trouble at a stretch. We seem to be able to come across item usable for a long time by shopping.

[romance luck]

It seems to become troublesome in various ways. Let's cancel if reluctant.

Wine red
Work luck ★★★
Romance luck
Luck with money ★★★

Cancer - 6/21 - 7/22

Person of human empathy gentle at heart.
As for the one side that is passionate, and is person who gets lonely easily.
[whole luck]

Business luck is brisk. Aim sets rather high and is OK. The field of weak point is motome by help for co-worker and senior
We seem to advance to merukotode Meuse. Keeping in mind not to be too much particular about own way
It leads to big growth. Directionality is decision mariso by leaving the position if at a loss at first to drift
u. It is to watch out to expenditure by acquaintance.

[romance luck]

Feeling of rival appearance. We say adversely, and couple seems to be stimulated.

Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Sagittarius - 11/23 - 12/21

We always demand stimulation,
Free spirit who is full of curiosity.
[whole luck]

Seem to have possibilities to trip without being able to throw away ideal because feelings become strong, but tashogen
Because fair wind blows, even not enough plan of true taste will be connected for good result. Decision
Good point seems to become the key to good luck of this. Actually give priority to mental satisfaction over available thing.
We seem to waste when we do not do shopping premeditatedly.

[romance luck]

As for feeling relieved just to see face. Let's talk about meeting directly in short time.

Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Capricornus - 12/22 - 1/19

Hard worker who is honest with straightness.
Strong intelligent person of upward mobility.
[whole luck]

It is time when uneasiness of physical condition is easy to lead to mental uneasiness. Island where room of heart has top priority above all
Carry. It leads to seeming to be selfishness if consideration to the neighborhood goes too far. There is
Let's supply with energy with improvement of best private of degree break. Luck with money is brisk. gya
Hmm, it is expectation size of incidental income as bulldog luck is brisk.

[romance luck]

The principle of romance supremacy is recommended! As for date and the party, having top priority is good luck.

Marine blue
Work luck
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★★

Taurus - 4/20 - 5/20

It is always oku smile leisurely with a smile.
It is unfussy young lady type.
[whole luck]

Mode which is tired. Let's lay emphasis on oneself maintenance without overdoing it. It is important to act at one's own pace. As for the possibility that we forget promise as the concentration is loose and becomes. Try to apologize well before becoming serious atmosphere. There is possibility of incidental income. We may discover unexpected secret savings when we clear up room.

[romance luck]

What we demand points ideal. We seem to be able to come across partner in 1 rank.

Work luck
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★

Gemini - 5/21 - 6/20

Antenna catching the fashion is outstanding.
A sharp person sociable person.
[whole luck]

When things are ascertained by objective viewpoint. It is important for present status uneasiness and to choose change fearlessly if dissatisfied. We seem to have possibilities to be anxious about an unnecessary word from senior and elder, but it does not seem to be necessary to take seriously. Take no notice lightly. It seems to become decisive factor that shopping by intuition satisfies. Prepare for budget excess.

[romance luck]

We come by workplace connection in chance. There seems to be edge in unexpected place.

Light blue
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Leo - 7/23 - 8/22

There is aspect that is weather person a little,
Born Queen who is loved by everybody.
[whole luck]

It will be often pushed from behind in new environment. New plan and new challenge are losses
He/she seems to draw tano possibility. We will begin without thinking deeply. It is time with force
Some unreasonableness goes in this, but will win antipathy when too much particular. From stress
Does impulse buying increase for san?

[romance luck]

In thought negative after thought. It is solution in no time if we confirm to partner.

Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money

Libra - 9/23 - 10/23

There is sociability, and making a living in the world is good.
It is sensitive to the fashion and likes fashion.
[whole luck]

Thing to get by being in unrewarded drudges than coming into the limelight in front stage will be big.
It is geruko in making in environment that it is easy to do each other by keeping how to contact partners that thought about feeling in mind
togadekirudesho. It is prohibited in haste only to do the best alone too much. The boss including reception
There seems to be opportunity to be entertained from senior.

[romance luck]

We have no to spare and seem to hit tightly. Does trouble of words develop into big groove?

Navy blue
Work luck ★★
Romance luck
Luck with money ★★★

Scorpius - 10/24 - 11/22

Is cool at a glance; cool, the true passion
Sexy person who hid inward.
[whole luck]

We are too much fired up by start in the new year and may race. We make oneself look big
There is no ru need. We will handle that we can do it carefully without being too much eager. Of physical condition non-
It is cheap moaru time. Do important decision in the latter half of the moon which fortune appeared in the natural phenomena begins to climb into. nettosho
There is suggestion of trouble by Ping and mail order.

[romance luck]

There seems to be lover candidate in friend. It seems to be attracted by unexpected charm and security.

Work luck
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Aquarius - 1/20 - 2/18

Individual group which is one's own pace.
Hardhead who sticks to self-will.
[whole luck]

Does it cause big trouble with an unnecessary word?……. Negative word than imagination negative
As we are apt to be taken in tibu, let's keep expression positive as possible in mind. Communication
Confirm this and promise diligently. It is loss and time when it is easy to misunderstand. Wallet and fixed period
This will move after confirming by all means.

[romance luck]

We force ideal and seem to be disillusioned without permission. Let's notice life-sized charm.

Work luck ★★
Romance luck
Luck with money

Pisces - 2/19 - 3/20

Artist who is romanticist.
Weakness that we cannot refuse is sometimes wound.
[whole luck]

Speed does not fit people somehow and seems to feel. We advance at one's own pace in such a case
Thing. It becomes the cause that room disappears in heart when we mind too much and fires mistakes.
Action of one is recommended, too. More at first than drastic action let's regain own pace.
The affordable price item purchase for stress-relieving.

[romance luck]

When slight communication is important. It seems to lead to unexpected encounter.

Emerald green
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★
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