Horoscope of Horoscope this month

Fortune of this month2020/2/1 - 2/29


Leo - 7/23-8/22

There is aspect that is weather person a little, but
Born Queen who is loved by everybody.
[the whole luck]

The situation judgement is outstanding. How is effect big what what you should do now is?
We may choose to be lost in thought ordinarily without difficulty. Your skill very much
Timing to improve in width. Challenge to new thing seems to turn out particularly fantastic. Assets
It is recommended to challenge operation.

[romance luck]

It is feeling that wonderful love starts from just thing. Appeal more positively!

Pearl white
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★★

Sagittarius - 11/23-12/21

We always demand stimulation,
Free spirit who is full of curiosity.
[the whole luck]

There is motivation, but is fortune appeared in the natural phenomena to turn out unexpected. It is assistant kerareruko to communication power
togaariso. Be careful with usage of words in particular. iwa shimeno remark that we spoke of casually will be question later
There is suggestion to become title. By thinking about feeling of receipt hand; trouble is evasion dekirudeshi
you. Luck with money is quite well. Luck in a lottery looks good, too.

[romance luck]

Timing of encounter. We will believe intuition. Force seems to become point.

Marine blue
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★★

Taurus - 4/20-5/20

It is always oku smile leisurely with a smile.
It is unfussy young lady type.
[the whole luck]

Timing when we want to keep action that fixed its eyes on there as well as one step in mind. Own figure in 1 rank
Let's always image. It is good to start preparations to leave for new environment and does changes of job
you. Things to get by being tight by preliminary arrangement seem to increase. Budgets few as for the healing goods
Overlook even excess. Effect is great!

[romance luck]

It is timing when we can feel close bond. Let's value the mood.

Light blue
Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Gemini - 5/21-6/20

Antenna catching the fashion is outstanding.
A sharp person sociable person.
[the whole luck]

New challenge seems to become the key to good luck. Environmental change including change of job, moving, transfer of course
Do, but it is fantastic to be separated from daily life by overseas travel; will be reset. Can go for an outing
Power seems to revive by being, and spending unusual holiday. There is suggestion of impulse buying.
Let's have courage not to value if at a loss.

[romance luck]

Does friend make step-up to lover? There is chance of love in unexpected place.

Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Aquarius - 1/20-2/18

Individual group which is own pace.
Hardhead who sticks to self-will.
[the whole luck]

It is time when independent spirit becomes strong. Action by team seems to become heavy load to you. It is tan as much as possible
Let's keep German action in mind. There is suggestion of trouble of words in the latter half. Problem big a casual word
It seems to become this. Straight remark thinks about TPO well, too. Electronic money and cashless
We seem to be able to profit from the settlement than we thought.

[romance luck]

Destined partner seems to appear in imminent place. We do whether you notice!

Emerald green
Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Aries - 3/21-4/19

Character straight at acting power preeminence
But as for the gentle one side to include consideration.
[the whole luck]

Action by team becomes point than personal action. By giving neighboring levels; hole
The spirit of self-advancement that tano was sleeping seems to catch fire. One way or the other, it is just time when it is easy to be affected. ma
We are involved when we do not keep distance with person giving inasuora, and fortune appeared in the natural phenomena seems to fall. Shopping
Impulse is not controlled, in budget over.

[romance luck]

Feeling is free. It is a shame that we hang limit without permission!

Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★★
Luck with money ★★

Cancer - 6/21-7/22

Person of human empathy gentle at heart.
As for the one side that is passionate, and is person who gets lonely easily.
[the whole luck]

Result is not readily given and seems to get impatient by not needing to get impatient. Do not cook lapse of confidence and escape
We may be seized with ru impulse. Now still at the time of patience. It is gancho here by the future after this
Effort that is ta place way has push of your back. Luck with money is slightly decreasing. Saving and stingy person are exceptions
Do. We seem to waste in reaction that we skimped on.

[romance luck]

It is to watch out to make too much. It may be just used usefully conveniently.

Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money

Virgo - 8/23-9/22

Romanticist who is delicate, and dreams.
Intellectual group good at calm judgement.
[the whole luck]

It seems to come to have no room for heart with physical strength drop. Do not overdo it; mission biggest with peace of heart
Let's do this. Lack of sleep in particular takes willpower, physical strength, judgement. We can expect backup
We borrow power of somebody, and let's spend ru this month. It is the opposite effect to do the best too much. Forgot; pass
There seems to be incidental income by sokuriya flea market application.

[romance luck]

Feeling that we hid seems to ooze out. Be careful not to come out.

Dark blue
Work luck
Romance luck
Luck with money ★★★

Libra - 9/23-10/23

There is sociability, and making a living in the world is good.
It is sensitive to the fashion and likes fashion.
[the whole luck]

Let's have confidence toward own judgment. Figure which calm judgment is not too low self-evaluation, and is forward
We are born from sei. It is nearly falling forward and is just right for today's you. We have thought of the future
As giruto cannot move, let's enjoy at hand. It is ju with Balance of the income and expenditure
We see, and let's do. It is from the back that we avoid waste.

[romance luck]

Focus on communication. With opportunity that the exchanges in application and SNS have good.

Light green
Work luck ★★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money ★★

Scorpius - 10/24-11/22

Is cool at a glance; cold stillness, the true passion
Sexy person who hid inward.
[the whole luck]

Feelings include wave and may not readily control. It explodes very much without being able to endure and does
Do you dance? Thought "that only oneself should endure" will throw away. It works to decline
It is house of this. Let's decline not to be accepted both officially and privately with saying flatly. Stress-relieving
notameno shopping has only regret.

[romance luck]

Eat fried rice cake in moderation. Though introduction of friend may be type. Through is recommended.

Work luck
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money

Capricornus - 12/22-1/19

Hard worker who is honest with straightness.
Strong intelligent person of upward mobility.
[the whole luck]

We will think about Balance and work-life balance of the income and expenditure well. Assent gai
Preparations to turn kanainodeareba environment are necessary. What is the most important for oneself today's
Of this, we will face each other slowly. Basic solution will be necessary. Of purpose
In few shopping squandering money carelessly.

[romance luck]

Image leads, and hurdle goes up. Do not be disappointed without permission.

Sky blue
Work luck ★★
Romance luck ★★
Luck with money

Pisces - 2/19-3/20

Artist who is romanticist.
Weakness that we cannot refuse is sometimes wound.
[the whole luck]

It seems to become half-done in all. It is nothing that postpones new challenge without overdoing it
It is difficulty. It leads to making cause of big mistake as much as we stretch ourselves. Minimum
Let's concentrate on only that we maintain the current situation by work of this. Luck with money is brisk. Accidentally only as for the desire
tta item seems to be available cheaply.

[romance luck]

We just blame, and groove just deepens. Try to respect partner.

Work luck
Romance luck
Luck with money ★★★
Wasabi - wasabi) teacher
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