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Tax exemption procedure

[about tax exemption of lucky bag]
The bought person frees from taxation, and those whom we wish to free from taxation, please go through the procedure after the product purchase by the end of the day.
Also, Passport (copy impossibility), products, receipt which we purchased come to the second-floor Tax free counter under the ground with card (by credit card in the case of the use) of the use. We cannot open lucky bag until we pass the customs.

On the day tax exemption procedure method of product which had you purchase is two ways.

  1. When we are freed from taxation in store
    Tax exemption purchased amount at single store 5,000 yen according to consumption tax or more (as for the expendable supplies 5,000 yen according to consumption tax or more to 500,000 yen)
    ◆Refund method
    At the time of purchase, please show Passport at cash register.
  2. When we are returned in Tax free counter
    ※In our restaurant, we will have 1.55% of product price targeted for tax exemption as tax exemption fee. We appreciate your understanding of these terms in advance.
  3. Target group for applications The nonresidents who themselves purchased the goods (no agents or proxies)
    ◇Foreign visitors who do not live in Japan and who have been in Japan for fewer than six months ※The date of re-entry is not applicable
    ◇Japanese who have lived overseas for more than two years, and who are visiting temporarily for a period of fewer than six months
    Application period The day of the purchase limit (during business hours of Tax free counter)
    Tax free goods General goods Consumable goods
    Watches, bags, household goods, and the like Cosmetics, food, alcoholic beverages, and the like
    ●Items purchased for personal use (not for commercial purposes)
    ●Goods that will be brought home on this return trip (consumables within 30 days)
    Conditions for amounts 5,000 yen according to consumption tax or more 5,000 yen according to consumption tax - range of 500,000 yen
    ●As for the purchased amount of general article and expendable supplies, adding up is possible
    ●The purchase price for each items must satisfy the conditions above.
    Refund method Cash refund (JPY)
    Packing Not specified ●Packed with the methods determined by the national government.
    ●Please do not open packages before leaving Japan.
    In addition, consumption tax will be charged in the event that the goods are consumed in Japan.
    Items to present ①The passport of the purchaser (copies are not acceptable--passports must   have a immigration stamp (certification))
     ※Japanese who live abroad must have an "overseas resident visa" and an "ID card"
     ※Crew members must have a "crew member's landing permit"
    ②Goods purchased
    ③The receipt of purchase (hand-written and automatic-issue receipts are not acceptable)
    ④The credit card used to purchase the goods (in the event that a credit card was used)
     ※The name in the passport and the name on the credit card must match
     ※Corporate cards are not acceptable

    It is necessary for temporary homecoming to have you show returning home stamp and thing which can prove that we stay abroad.
    ※As for the stamp (seal), will the staff waiting by custom inspection to the face recognition gate rear or each examination ground office staff give a response?
    Place for tax exemption procedure Main building B2F Tax free counter - 10:30-21:30

Available credit card

Seven Bank ATM - 10:30-21:30

In Seven Bank ATM, overseas issuance card with the following mark is usable.

※Even card which the same mark entered may not be usable.

※It may take fee by card publisher other than the use fee.

Foreign currency exchange service - 10:00-22:00

We can change Japanese Yen into the following foreign currency. ※From Japanese Yen to foreign currency cannot exchange money.

Currency name The U.S. dollar The euro British pound Canadian dollar The medium hometown The dollar of Taiwan
The dollar of Singapore Swiss franc Australian dollar Hong Kong dollar Korean Wong Bhat of Thailand

Temporary custody service of baggage

I take baggage such as souvenir or suitcase at rate uniformly.

Place In front of main building B2F Tax free counter
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Rate 700 yen tax-included in one 1st
Condition Three sides of totals are less than 250cm, 40 kg,
Price is limited to baggage less than 300,000 yen

Reception desk service of delivery to home baggage

We send out baggage to Japan.

Place In front of main building B2F Tax free counter
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Rate It varies according to size of baggage and the metropolis and districts of shipping address
※For more details, please click the following banner
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Instructions ・We cannot undergo cool courier service (cold storage, freezing)
・Reception desk of shipment on that day until 16:30. We become handled as shipment of the next day after 16:30
・It does not deal with overseas shipment
・It does not deal with shipment on the same day


  1. Access by train
    1.Nankai Electric Railway
    Namba Station - central exit, the south exit direct connection
    2.Subway Midosuji Line
    On foot than "Namba Station" south ticket gate
    3.Subway Sennichimae Line
    On foot than "Namba Station" ticket gate
    4.Subway Yotsubashi Line
    On foot than "Namba Station" south ticket gate
    5.Hanshin Namba Line
    It is about 9 minutes on foot from "Osaka-Namba Station" east ticket gate
    6.Kinrtetsu Nanba Line - Nara Line
    It is about 9 minutes on foot from "Osaka-Namba Station" east ticket gate
    7.JR Kansai Main Line - Yamatoji line
    It is about 11 minutes on foot from the "JR-Namba Station" (OCAT) north exit

    ※We transfer from JR Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji line) and JR Osaka Loop Line to Nankai train at "Shin-Imamiya Station", and the use of Nankai "Namba Station" is convenient.

  2. Access from airport

    From Kansai International Airport
    Limited express Rapi:t arrives from Namba Station to Kansai-Airport Station in a minimum period of about 34 minutes.
    ・Nankai Electric Railway: Kansai-Airport Station → Namba Station central exit south exit connection limited express Rapi:t about 34 - 39 minutes
    ・JR Kansai Airport Line: Kansai-Airport Station - limited express Haruka → Tennoji about 30 minutes → Transfer JR Yamatoji line → JR-Namba Station about six - seven minutes
    ・Airport bus: Kansai International Airport → OCAT/JR Namba about 50 minutes

    From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)
    ・Airport bus: Osaka Airport → OCAT/JR Nanba line Namba getting off about 30 minutes
    ・Osaka Monorail: Osaka-Airport Station → Hotarugaike Station about three minutes
       Hankyu Railway transfer: Hotarugaike Station → Umeda Station about 15 minutes → Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station about eight minutes

  3. Access from Shin-Osaka Station

    ・Subway Midosuji Line: Shin-Osaka Station → Namba Station about 15 minutes


Store 10:00 - 21:00 Gourmet 10:00 - 22:00 ※Some stores open early in the morning and close late at night.
※Click here to see business days for restaurants at Namba Komejirushi.

Closed days We do business this month without taking a rest.

TEL: 06-6644-2960
10:00 - 21:00

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We may transcribe in tax-included price at store. Please ask shop assistance for more information.

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